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easy transfer
I want to use easy transfer from my XP to a new PC with Windows 7. Can I just transfer what is on my old PC to a flash drive then just plug the flash drive into the new PC and then start the easy transfer on the new PC and just get the information off of the flash drive? ... 19 May 2010 21:36
Dear All, I have using a DOS Based Program on Windows XP environment to do my office work. That program using Parallel port to (LPT 1) get printout We are using EPSON and Lexmark Wide Carriage Dot Metric Printers. Now I have a Big Problem I've changed the My PC to new IBM PC. All programs are working fine. But ... 26 May 2010 03:45
How do I remove documents from taskbar in Windows XP?
I'm not talking about the systray where the clock is or the quicklaunch area near the Start button, but on the taskbar itself. The problem is when I right click and delete the document, the document itself gets deleted (in other words, the shortcut really isn't a shortcut but the document itself that's showing up i... 24 May 2010 04:45
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Professional manufacturing WEB of sites for firms and organizations. WEB-design. Dearly and qualitatively. Service and promotion of ready sites. Registration of the domain and a hosting for 1 year free of charge by development of a site. webmaster2003(a) ... 17 May 2010 06:57
Hibernation problem
Using SP3 with all updates on a desktop, if I resume after hibernation but do not click my logo on the login screen within a minute or so the computer shuts down again. How can I stop it shuting down unless I tell it to? It is really anoying to get a phone call just after restarting the computer and then fi... 20 May 2010 06:14
Problem with encoding date - but works on Win98
Hi all My problem is an older programme, Next from SCM for Windor 60 to exact. Probably that doesnt tell you much. Originally it works on Win98, and can be reinstalled and work on Win98. ยด On Win XP however, it will work the first time, but after that it will give this error: Invalid argument to date enco... 18 May 2010 13:41
delayed write falure messages differant drive each time
hi i have been getting at times a warning message saying delayed write failure on device\harddisk and a number and each time i get it its a new number below is the information from the system error log Event Type: Warning Event Source: Fastfat Event Category: None Event ID: 50 Date: 5/16/2010 Time: 5:49:39... 17 May 2010 19:08
Getting double entries
I'm using Outlook Express ( I know I could do better, but no time, and I did look for an OE newsgroup, didn't find)) I'm getting double entries of some, but not all incoming emails. I used to know how to correct, but don't remember how. Can anyone help, please? Sylvia M. ... 15 May 2010 18:06
Contacting Microsoft Help
For a couple of days I exchanged e-mails with a Microsoft technician named Bill Pan. I followed the advice he gave me, to run a DOS-like command, and it wiped all applications and mailbox off my partition. I rebuilt using Save & Restore and a clone from a week ago and now I'd like to resume that conversation. O... 19 May 2010 09:21
My Pictures folder
I am trying to help someone who is using Internet Explorer 8, Windows XP Pro. but when they click on "My Pictures" it does not show the images in the folder, but only the URLs of the images. How can that be changed so it will show the images in the My Pictures folder? Thanks James ... 15 May 2010 15:55
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