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Observation on closing this newsgroup
To the same place we've been sending them all along. "The Seabat" <seabat(a)> wrote in message news:huu8g3$3a0$1(a) : : If/when Microsoft does close down this hierarchy of usenet, where will : all the idiots go to ask about the Windows 7 newsgroups??? Just : wonderin'! ... 11 Jun 2010 18:10
Reformatting Hard Drive Problems
Have an HP Pavilion that was acting up so I attempted to format the hard drive using recovery disks that I had made when I got it. Problem is that after the first disk, the PC would not read disk 2. I tried many, many times after which it told me to put in disk 3. It ran through that and asked for disk 1 again. ... 13 Jun 2010 10:29
Have the MSP OE and Outlook groups in eternal sept been attacked?
"Spamlet" <spam.morespam(a)invalid.invalid> wrote in message news:hutqru$buj$1(a) All is gibberish in 'microsoft.public.outlookexpress.general, and in ....outlook' today, Does this mark their final passing? Shame. S Correction: it's only OE that has gone gibberis... 12 Jun 2010 03:57
Automatic updates
Hi , I keep being notified that " updates are ready to install " ( kb979909 & kb982168 ) . I install them and when I go back to microsoft updates , they are there again ! Might anyone know why this might be happening ? I am told that they were installed successfully . TIA , ... 11 Jun 2010 11:28
unzipping and even zipping.
For unzipping, I've used PKZip or MSZip or PowerDesk (which includes an unzipper) but my young friend's laptop has none of these. Does XP include an unzipper? I can't find one in Windows Explorer, except references to PowerDesk (a separate enhanced verions of win explorer). Yet I never hear people reminded a... 15 Jun 2010 08:43
Event Viewer>System>file corrupted
Using XP Home and when I try to clear the entries inthe 'System',itsay the eventfileis corrupted and there is a 'red cross' over the 'system' branch. Although the pc seems to work ok, obviously, there is soething wrong so how do I get rid of the 'red cross'. Thanks ... 11 Jun 2010 17:03
Event Viewer>system- file corrupted
Usinh XP Home and sp3, when I try to clear the entires in 'system', it says file corrupted and there is a 'red cross" to it. Although, the pc seems to be working fine, obviously somewhere is not right, how can I get rid of the 'red cross'. Thanks ... 11 Jun 2010 03:49
Live File System DVD Burn
Is it possible to burn a DVD in Live File System format? If positive what should I do? Regards Many ... 11 Jun 2010 02:44
Windows Backups
What is the best way to remove older backups from the restore window? I have some going back to Jan 1 2010. I'm using Windows 7. Restore points no problem. Any help appreciated, Badger ... 10 Jun 2010 17:56
Reduce recycle bin size to below 1%
Is there a way to reduce the recycle bin size to below 1%? Registry changes O.K. Thanks. ... 11 Jun 2010 17:03
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