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IE 8 and eBay issue
For the past week or so I've encountered an annoying problem when signing in to eBay. I type the email address and password which ordinarily gets me into eBay, however now it takes me to a screen that says I've signed out. There's an option to sign in again, and this time I can get in. I've contacted the eBa... 9 Jun 2010 03:12
sp3 and ftp command line
Bryan, I am having this same issue as you have decribed below. Were you ever able to get this resolved and if show could kindly share the solution. Thanks. Joel Bryan Z;1019244 Wrote: I just installed XP sp3 on a computer within our domain. Now, ftp from a command line does not work. It connects, you can logi... 8 Jun 2010 14:54
Win7 Newsgroup
I have not been able to find a Windows 7 newsgroup and would appreciate suggestions. I am having a problem with "Administrator Permission to change attributes" and need some help. -- Dave ~^~^~^~^~^ "Let God's promises shine on your problems." Corrie ten Boom ... 8 Jun 2010 14:54
Think I'll turn it off then.
To all repiers, Thanks. The comp' in question is an AMD2.4g with 1gig Ram and an average to good video card,, it also has a CRT monitor. Sounds like I might be wasting quite a few bucks. The monies that you guys were quoting, was that in US $$'s? were any in AU $$'s? (would give me a rough idea how much I... 14 Jun 2010 04:06
Problems with video ¡¡¡
Hi all. I need ideas. I have some computers in my work exactlys. They have nvidia quadro nvs290 graphic card. In 2 computers (i have 20) i have a problems to open some menus. For example, the menus of internet explorer"favorites, view, tools". It apears very slow.. Afther a lot of test i have observed : 1º)if... 9 Jun 2010 10:52
Windows Task Manager Does Not show applications
I run Windows XP Svc Pak 3. Clicking Ctl/Alt/Del pulls up Task Manager, but no applications are shown on the applications tab. How is this fixed? ... 8 Jun 2010 18:24
how to upgrade win xp sp1 to win xp sp3
Hello: As MS anounced end of life for Win XP SP1/SP2, I would like to know if a PC that has WinXP SP1 should be upgraded to SP2 before applying SP3, or if I can apply directly SP3 on SP1 without SP2. Thanks ... 8 Jun 2010 14:54
Windows XP (NL): Windows Activation Problem + Windows Automati
"Skybuck Flying" wrote: "Mike S" <mscir(a)> wrote in message news:huc2vv$2b3$1(a) On 6/4/2010 11:36 AM, Skybuck Flying wrote: Hello, Today I visitted my mother for a nice dinner, after the dinner I wanted to show her something on the... 7 Jun 2010 18:52
Problems with Windows 7 and email send stalling
When I send from my two computers running Windows 7 - one 32 bit one 64, If I have a very large text message or an attachment of any size (even a screen shot) the outgoing email message will stall. My old desktop computer running XP does not have this problem. Any ideas? Thanks in advance Richard ... 10 Jun 2010 05:38
Program links disappeared
I installed some updates in WinXP. Now my programs are not listed in the Program Menue. They are still on the C drive. To start a program I have to click on the C drive, then open the Program folder and open the particular program folder and select the start icon. System restore and a re -install of the OS did ... 7 Jun 2010 18:52
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