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CHDKSK C: keeps returning error
hi guys running xp pro / sp3 / totally updated a month or so ago, tried to run a chkdsk for C drive; as usual the computer said it would be done at next boot. but I keep getting an error message "checking file system on c: The type of the file system is NTFS Cannot open volume for direct access Windows has... 22 Jun 2010 14:57
very weird problem in windows xp - cant click/load anything!
I have this very weird issue on windows xp. Even after I formatted, and reinstalled everything, it eventually comes back. Now this doesnt always happen. My current guess is when i use around 2GB/4GB of my memory and have alot of apps running, it starts. The problem is, sometimes for a period of time (could be up... 24 Jun 2010 05:18
Error Message ?
I get an error message every now and then. All the message says is "fAIL", spelled like that. There is no number and there is no pattern to when it appears although it seems to be a little bit after my printer has been used although not right after. Maybe a minute or so after. I checked my event viewer and ... 23 Jun 2010 01:56
Granting Permission to Enable/Disable a Device
I have just started being fascinated with web cams (never paid much attention until recently). For security reasons, I never run as Administrator and this permission is not enabled by default. I couldn't find it in Administrative Tools\Local Security Settings either. I am sure XP is good enough to make this ... 23 Jun 2010 21:42
Updates will not install
For the last four automatic updates I downloaded, I have received the following message each time. The MS updates shown were NOT installed: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 Security Update for Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP x86 (KB979909) Microsoft .NET Framewo... 22 Jun 2010 06:07
downgrade license 7 to XP
According to the Microsoft downgrade rights document: Can I downgrade my OEM version of Windows 7 Professional to Windows XP Professional? For a limited time of 18 months after the general availability of Windows 7 or the release of a Windows 7 Service Pack, whichever is earlier, the OEM license of Windows 7 Profession... 20 Jun 2010 14:35
problems of using input through speech recognition
Hi please let me know what are the difficulties arise while using speech recognition as a method of entering input. regards raghunandan kumar ... 21 Jun 2010 10:14
Can't find CD/DVDdrive
My DVD drives have disappeared. they don't show as hardware in control panel. Working fine yesterday - no software changes made. Both have power to them. I've unplugged everything and put a new lead from them to the motherboard. Doesn't appear to be anything physical. Followed various posts on this site. Mr... 23 Jun 2010 01:56
startup error msg
I am receiving error messages at startup: - Cannot find D:\CDsetup.exe - Could not lad or fun D:\CDsetup.exe The file does not show in a system search but does show in the registry at: File Name: CDSETUP.EXT File Path: D\CDSETUP.EXE Startup Type: Registry: Current User Location: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Wi... 23 Jun 2010 23:54
Why does shutdown take so long; why does it not complete sometimes
On Wed, 28 Apr 2010 06:42:15 -0400, "SC Tom" <sc(a)> wrote: "mm" <NOPSAMmm2005(a)> wrote in message news:j9kft55ghnd2rucnslhg53pe4susdst00d(a) Why does shutdown take so long; why does it not complete sometimes What takes my computer running XP home, SP3, so long to shut down ... 19 Jun 2010 22:11
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