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My Wireless Tab has disappeared!
Setting up a new wireless networking card; I get to the point where I right click the connection in order to configure the SSID WEP key etc and that tab is missing. (The one you have to check to allow windows to configure the wireles connection).How can I get it back? I refreshed my windows update including (... 8 Aug 2005 01:07
802.1x authentication issues.
Hi, I am trying to retrench an existing Windows 2003 Server configured for 802.11x. As far as I can tell, the new server is configured the same as the old - with minor exceptions such as the Old has CertServices, the new does not. The old has ISA 2000, the new has 2004 and is otherwise going ok. There are no Den... 10 Jul 2005 21:49
External exception E06D7363 message with Linksys card
Hi All I have a Compaq 1510 Laptop running XP Home with SP2. I have just installed a Linksys Wireless-G Adapter (WPC54G) and everytime I try to start the software for the adapter, an error message "External exception E06D7363 " pops up endlessly. Disabling the Linksys software and using Windows to configure an... 28 May 2005 14:18
"Unable to connect to wireless network" message
I have 5 PC's connected through a Lynksys BEFW1154 V2 wireless router. Each PC has its own USB Linksys WUSB1.1 V2.6 wireless adapter, so each connects to the internet separately. On bootup with 2 PC's I frequently get the unable to connect message. I do a repair, and both connect when the IP address is refresh... 9 May 2005 01:51
XP drops wireless connection randomly and cannot repair itself
Seemingly at random, windows drops my home wireless connection. I get the following message: Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: disabling the wireless network adapter". What is the cause / fix for this problem? Thanks. ... 6 May 2005 10:00
Wireless Network Disconnecting
I got a Belkin Wireless Network Card, installed it in to the computer. Then, I installed the Belkin Software to configure the Wireless Connection. The signal strength is excellent, but after about five minutes of being connected it disconnects about every minute. It always reconnects right away, but I'm tryi... 3 May 2005 15:09
Wireless Network Connection Stuck on "Acquiring Network Address"
I have a PC and a laptop, one with an Am1772 wireless PCI card, the other with the same card except it's PCMCIA. When I try to set up an ad-hoc wireless network, everything goes fine until I get to actually connecting. The connection gets stuck on "Acquiring Network Address" on both PCs. They both have "set IP ... 28 Apr 2005 17:41
WAN Miniport (IPX)
Running XP Home Ed Intel 2100 network card Under Device Manager, Networ Adapters apparently I have got a WAN Miniport (IPX), but is not working. "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)" I cannot load the drivers nor point to where th... 4 Mar 2005 19:45
Wireless Connection Problems
I have a DLink Wireless Router and a B Card built into my Compaq Laptop. The wireless connection "drops" all of sudden. I am within 20 feet of the router. There does not seem to be a pattern to the signal loss. It will work for an hour and then drop 5 times within 30 minutes. It is driving my crazy. Help ... 2 Mar 2005 18:49
no wireless network were found in the range
Hi guys I badly need the help. I have following system. WIndows XP Wireless card Atheros AR5001X+Wirelss Network adapter Now suddenly the wireless network show the following message with no networks shown to connect "No wireless Networks were found in the range. Make sure the wireless switch on your comp... 2 Mar 2005 18:50
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