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RichTextBox scroll position
Hi, I have a somewhat long calculation report printed out in a RichTextBox. To find or monitor a particular value, users scroll down to the location of the data in the RichTextBox. However, when the user changes the input data, a recalculation is made and a new report is generated. This resets the RichTextBo... 9 Sep 2007 18:35
AxMSTSCLib.AxMsTscAx - known issue
Embedding in a .net WinApp: An unhandled exception of type 'InvalidActiveXStateException' occurred in axmstsclib.dll Happens on line: axMsTscAx1.Server = "" directions followed: 1. md c:\temp 2. cd c:\temp 3. %<SDK bin directory>%\aximp.exe %windir%\system32\mstscax.dll This ... 28 Jul 2007 20:04
finding the closest value in a SortedDictionary
Hi i need a structure to store some 2D points and to be able to interpolate. The pb is that i need to find very very quickly what are the the closest values around my point. Is the SortedDictionary the right structure and how can i search for the 2 closest points. Something similar to lower_bound and upper_b... 24 Jul 2007 16:47
Generic Interfaces and casting from object at runtime problem
Let's say that I would like a generic type that supports Min/Max properties and can be double or integer or even datetime if need be, something flexible. So I go about creating the following generic interface : *note : in reality I implement the IComparable and IEquatable generic interfaces and associated over... 20 Jul 2007 02:25
DllImport and Control Library project
(Using VS2005 C# and compact Framework. Target device is running CE5). I am creating a simple visual control (New Control Library project for smart device Windows CE 5), derived from Label, with a couple of extra properties. I need to call an external dll from this control, on a timer. When I insert the decl... 19 Jul 2007 09:12
I am trying to do an Overlapped ReadFile on a HID device and it just isn't working for me. The WaitForSingleObject keeps giving me an error "The system cannot find the file specified." This code need to work in 64bit and 32bit, so I am using IntPtr for pointers instead of int. Here is the structure of OVER... 24 Jun 2007 21:28
Getting a Thumbnail In Vista
Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me get a scalable thumbnail from Vista. Vista has a new COM API, IThumbnailCache which backs on to Vista's global thumbnail store. Unfortunately, I can't find it I know it's there, it's in MSDN. I've imported shell32.dll into my C# project which generates all the COM coclasses,... 19 Jun 2007 07:21
How to use HostCurrentCallback in TransactionManager?
How to use HostCurrentCallback in TransactionManager?Could Anyone show a simple example?thanks! ... 19 Jun 2007 04:47
WebBrowser DocumentText getting problem ...
I have very strange and stupid problem with .NEt's webBrowser control... If I do this: ---------------------------------- private void btnGoogle_click(object sender, EventArgs e) { webBrowser1.Navigate(; } ---------------------------------- and after that try this: ----------... 5 Jun 2007 18:03
DHCP SuperScopes
Does anyone know how to Enumerate DHCP Superscopes in C# maybe using the dhcpapi? ... 25 May 2007 15:19
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