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JSON Circular Reference
I ran into the same problem and THE ONE OF SOLUTION IS to Use [ScriptIgnore] atribute .. it will solve the problem. add system.web.extensions reference and add namespace: Using System.Web.Script.Serialization. If you still have questions..Read on..for some detailed explanation.. i have a User class with.... 17 Sep 2009 14:47
Event to trap VS Stop Debugging?
When debugging in VS, and instead of exiting the app normally, you click the Stop debugging button, the app is killed, and the usual Form Closing/Closed, events are not called. Is there some event or way to trap this event or is it impossible? Thanks, JIM ... 21 Sep 2009 10:01
IQueryable and IEnumerable
Hello, On my repositories I always return a IQueryable when getting multiple records, for example in: productRepository.GetMoreExpensive(); However, most the code I see use IEnumerable. For example: 1. ToPagedList extension ... 2. AutoMapper to mape between a source collection and a destination collection ..... 14 Sep 2009 20:57
Value of '0' is not valid for 'SelectedIndex'
Unhandled Exception: InvalidArgument=Value of '41' is not valid for 'SelectedIndex'. Parameter name: SelectedIndex System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException Stack Trace: at System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox.set_SelectedIndex(Int32 value) at SpeedConnect7VB.SpeedConnect.Display_Defaults() at SpeedConnect7VB.S... 13 Sep 2009 08:28
Can I get the Mime Content Type from a byte array?
Hello, I am saving an image, either jpg or gif, to a byte and into a database. When I get the byte array is there a way to determine the content type from it? Or do I need to save in database the content type? Thanks, Miguel ... 11 Sep 2009 14:01
Search through a (large) binary file.
I need some help to search through a (sometimes large) binary file. I'd like to search within this binary file for a pattern containing a particular hex value (e.g. FF56131A1B087B15610800151E). When the pattern is found, i need to know the (start) offset, because then I'd like to read the 4 previous bytes (need... 24 Sep 2009 02:45
443413 M3i Zero , Ezflash Dsi , R4i Dsi 43531
Consigue tu M3i Zero , Ezflash Dsi , R4i Dsi M3i Zero Puedes comprar M3i Zero , Ezflash Dsi , R4i Dsi k</p*%Qy,htdM)a@$c/xL_%or ... 8 Sep 2009 07:01
Entity, problem with entity key
The query below does not work, if I take out line 2 it works and gives me the full table, but when I try to select only those with a coutryId of 1 it gives this error LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method 'System.Object CompareObjectEqual(System.Object, System.Object, Boolean)' method, and this meth... 6 Sep 2009 23:07
Serial port proxy
Antonio, You need to supply a lot more detail: Antonio Feliziani wrote: HI, i hve a problemi whit a little serial port proxi application, the application send the byte recivedo from port1 to port 2 and from port 2 to port 1 So it sounds like your application is a transparent pipe between ports 1 an... 3 Sep 2009 05:21
Hello, Does anyone knows a script to perform Rot13 and Rot5 rotation? And can I use the same script by just changing the value of 13 to 5? Thanks, Miguel ... 3 Sep 2009 05:21
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