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Protecting My Assembly DLL
Hi All, All you know that, if you develop dotnet application, It s not hard to use it by someone, no matter it s an application or assembly dll I tried a solution against this, Think about I have an application consist of "one login form, launcher", "one main application, lets say MDI form" form and an a... 7 Dec 2009 06:19
ReportViewer hangs my application
Hi, My customer is having problems when running reportviewer report .. When running for the first time it's ok, but when running for the second time or more it will eventually hang .. maybe not the second time but it will the third time ... It freezes the application so the application has to be killed from... 23 Nov 2009 03:05
turn off debug printing when stepping thru code?
I just encountered a behavior with VS 2008 where when I step through code it is debug printing everytime I press F11 as follows: Step into: Stepping over non-user code 'Product.Product' Step into: Stepping over non-user code 'Product.Product' ... Is there a way to turn this off? I only want to debug print whe... 23 Nov 2009 15:16
Console Application and WPF
Hello, I have a Console application that performs some actions and in the window I can see text that is saying what is doing. I know created a WPF application with the same code. Is it possible to show the same output text in a TextBlock? Thanks, Miguel ... 24 Nov 2009 08:54
search for *.vbproj/csproj that is VS2008 format?
I need to perform a search for all projects that were created in visual studio 2008. Can I use fileInfo for this? How can I specify Visual Studio 2008 format? I have hundreds (maybe more)*.vbproj/csproj files that range from VS2003 - VS2005 - VS2008. Is there a way to search for VS2008 format? Than... 19 Nov 2009 14:01
Event Handler
Hello, I use an COM server that creates a number of events. I have created a class that controls the COM server and that receives the events, it's called LaserCtrl. This works! I have a form that uses LaserCtrl and I want to update a textbox in the form from LaserCtrl. The constructor of LaserCtrl looks lik... 18 Nov 2009 07:50
WPF Context menus and "scope"
I've recently started looking into WPF. What is the expected scope of a context menu? For example, I have a web browser application. To the main "Page" I added a context menu (along with various other children embedded within a Grid - buttons, etc). If I then launch the application and right click on an empty... 18 Nov 2009 11:12
Enterprise design: Accessing global 'config' data
When a system is distributed over multiple servers, what are the recommended methods for accessing data (like user records) that must be maintained globally in one spot? IOW, http exchanges with a large vendor could connect to a servers in one of several different locations, but common data (user's credit card in... 18 Nov 2009 00:13
Run SQL Script from Console application
Hello, Is it possible to run a SQL script from a C# Console application? Thanks, Miguel ... 19 Nov 2009 09:28
Using Dispatcher.BeginInvoke with current foreach member
I tried code below but assertion fails since col value has changed . How to fix this code so that BeginInvoke is called with definition time col value in for loop ? Andrus. partial class MyUserControl : UserControl public CreateFields() { foreach (FormField col in MyFields ) { if (col.Andmeklas... 17 Nov 2009 20:52
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