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>>>>>>>>>>>>> Given that you are not going to find 72% of any test
>>>>>>>>>>>>> population
>>>>>>>>>>>>> scoring below 95.
>>>>>>>>>>>> One exception: the population of my killfile for this group.
>>>>>>>>>>> I have yet to meet a member of Mensa who had any intelligence.
>>>>>>>>>> I've known many people (including myself) who qualified for
>>>>>>>>>> Mensa,
>>>>>>>>>> but only one who was actually a member. She proves your
>>>>>>>>>> statement.
>>>>>>>>> Now, now, we who exceed the so-called Mensa standard by a hundred
>>>>>>>>> points or more ("Uber-Mensaists")
>>>>>>>> Huh! That remark just got you removed from any consideration for
>>>>>>>> MENSA
>>>>>>>> qualification, or membership at any level "uber" or standard .
>>>>>>> I know I shouldn't reveal this, but I am on the admissions committee
>>>>>>> for
>>>>>>> the uber class, and the extra secret one that's above it such that I
>>>>>>> cannot mention its name, and probably shouldn't mention its
>>>>>>> existence.... If you wish to be considered for candidacy, we have a
>>>>>>> secure and non-googleable web site I will invite you to to start the
>>>>>>> process. Hit me off line.
>>>>>>> Good luck!
>>>>>> What does it cost ?
>>>>> It's a bargain at $800.00. The real costs are underwritten by the
>>>>> Trust.
>>>>> You get a couple of really nice wall hangings, framed sheepskin
>>>>> (real),
>>>>> hand lettered: a lifetime supply of stationery; and a gold pen set (18
>>>>> kt). Application fees are $150.00.
>>>>And well worth the cost, if your ego requires it. Many years ago I
>>>>considered applying for membership. Although I clearly qualified, I
>>>>not see any benefit to me. I get more enjoyment from a Gropper
>>>>that was purchased for $10 and given to me because it reminded my client
>>> If - as you claim - you "clearly" qualify for MENSA, then you have
>>> taken MENSA's tests. I can only imagine that being done by someone
>>> whose ego requires stroking.
>>Straw man argument. Mensa also accepts certified results not administered
>>From th4e website, which you are free to look up'
>>"Generally, there are two ways to prove that you qualify for Mensa: either
>>take the Mensa test, or submit a qualifying test score from another test.
>>There are a large number of intelligence tests that are "approved". More
>>information on whether a test you have taken is approved, as well as
>>information on the procedure for taking the Mensa test, can be obtained
>>the nearest Mensa office. "
> Why would you take - allegedly - any IQ test? The Stanford Binet test
> is administered to people from two to twenty-three for various
> reasons. The Wonderlic is a personnel test. Other tests are given to
> criminals and people with psychotic disorders. But why anyone would
> take a full-blown IQ test for other than ego stroking is beyond me.
> If you have the smarts, it shows. If you don't, you claim to be
> clearly qualified.

IIRC there were several tests which were administered to me in the 5th or
6th grade. This was routine in the New York City public school system.
When our children were in school, such tests were also administered to all
children in our school district. (Syosset.) I don't know if they are still
doing that, but if it costs money, the district will do it. OTOH it may be a
State requirement.

But to answer your comment: At the suggestion of some frie3nds I looked into
Mensa. I came to the conclusion that I had no real interest.

>>> If - as you claim - you "clearly" qualify you are hiding your
>>> intellectual qualifications under a bushel based on your posts.
>>I fully realize that compared to you, I am an imbecile. IOW, I have no
>>intention of engaging you in a battle of wits. I do not fight unarmed
> I really appreciate original barbs.

I try.


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>Mensa accepts, among other things, the SAT, the ACT, and the CEEB. Just
>about everybody who lives in the US and has any kind of education beyond
>high school has taken at least one of those.
I've never taken any of those tests, and I have a bachelor's degree
from Indiana University and an MBA from Northwestern University
(Evanston, Illinois).

I don't know when admittance to a university program was based on SAT
or ACT scores, but it was before my time. I would imagine there are
many people who have university degrees who have never been required
to take either of the tests.

While it wasn't germane in my case, any graduate of a Florida high
school can take courses at a Florida junior college (now mostly known
as "community colleges"). Anyone with an A.A. degree from a Florida
junior college is automatically qualified to enter a four-year program
at a Florida state school. There is no requirement to take the SAT or
ACT. The SAT or ACT may be required for limited enrollment schools
like F.S.U., but not for "accordion" enrollment state schools.

Other states may, or may not, have similar entrance requirements.

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida
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>>>> I'll leave you to wallow in that lofty fantasy, as my scores would
>>>> bearly permit me to consider candidacy for standard membership.
>>>> ...and as the Great Groucho once said,"I don't care to belong to any
>>>> club that would have me as a member."
>>> Damn! That "bearly" should disqualify me immediately. It was supposed to
>>> be "barely."
>> Oh dam, I thought it was meant to be beerly, beer makes me consider many
>> unwise things, like walking, when I shoud stay seated :)
> I have to ask: in that case, what does whisky do?

it helps me fall off the chair, and makes sure my centre of gravity
remains below knee level :)

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>> On 2010-06-03 15:09:51 +0100, whisky-dave said:
>>> Oh dam, I thought it was meant to be beerly, beer makes me consider many
>>> unwise things, like walking, when I shoud stay seated :)
>> I have to ask: in that case, what does whisky do?
>it helps me fall off the chair, and makes sure my centre of gravity
>remains below knee level :)

Does it also inform your postings on Usenet?

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> On Thu, 3 Jun 2010 11:00:29 -0700, C J Campbell wrote:
>> Actually, I am not making fun of him. I seriously believe he needs help.
> If you really believe that, then why make things more painful by using
> medical terminology to ridicule him in public?

What makes you think I am ridiculing him?
Waddling Eagle
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