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Rules issue
I've got a user at my company running Outlook 2007 SP2 (Exchange connection.) In her profile are two mailboxes; her own personal one, and a utility account she often uses for certain correspondences. She has full rights to the utility account (including SEND AS) and frequently sends messages with that account... 5 May 2010 17:10
create a rule based on received time
Even when the template askes for "creation time" it only accepts a date format ... 5 May 2010 09:20
Internal and External Account within same Outlook client
Hello all, I will explain this issue the best I can as I am still a bit baffelled how it even was working. I have a client that has uses an internal exchange 2007 server with the domain jj(a)abc.local for sending internal emails and an external account ap(a) for external customers to contact them. Within... 5 May 2010 11:33
Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Online Communities
Date 5/4/2010 Starting in early summer 2010, Microsoft will begin progressively closing down the Microsoft public newsgroups to enrich conversations in the rapidly-growing forum platform. This decision is in response to worldwide market trends and evolving customer needs. Microsoft continues to invest in forums t... 5 May 2010 01:44
How to find folder tree for emails in search results?
Is there a way to see the entire hierarchy of folders for a message in the Search Results window? I just did a search of all mail folders (Outlook 2007). It returned about 20 results. In the "In Folder" column, it only gives the name of the folder the message is in, not the whole folder tree. I have a somewhat c... 12 May 2010 04:49
Faxing over the network
I am able to send faxes over our network using Outlook and Genifax. I anyone has done this, the automatically created cover page is counting the wrong number pages. Example, three pages plus the cover page is being noted as five on the cover page. If anyone has done this before, please give me some guidance as t... 5 May 2010 19:25
Cannot receive Email
W2k sp4 on a little desktop. ATT DSL Pro for many, many years. Outlook 2k sp3 settings: incoming - out(SMTP) - inetab32.dll MAPI 1.0 Service Providers for Outlook 9 IMEP v. 4.40.46000 12/8/1998 3:53:54 PM For a week or so, I can't receive O2k mail. Worked OK for 5+ ... 11 May 2010 08:57
hiding recipient 's email address without using cc or bb
I want to display my email address by my name not showing my email. ... 5 May 2010 20:31
What program is trying to access e-mail address information stored in outlook?
I have one user (Vista Business, Outlook 2007 connected to Exchange 2003) who has today started to see a pop-up from Outlook saying: "A program is trying to access e-mail address information stored in Outlook. If this is unexpected, click Deny and verify your antivirus software is up-to-date." Anti-viru... 4 May 2010 10:06
contacts confirmation gui
Is there any way to prevent the confirmation dialog user gets when an application access the contacts? Maybe with an authenticode cert or a GPO? ... 4 May 2010 09:00
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