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Outlook 2007 weird junk filter behaviour
Hi, I'm setting up an automatic email script, but I find that most of the emails I send from PHP end up in my junk folder. Playing around I found an interesting pattern. Anything that includes the word 'password' in the subject (case insensitive) is sent to Inbox, everything else so far has been sent to Junk. T... 15 Apr 2010 15:53
Inbox says 2 new emails, not seeing them..
I have a user in our New York office (I'm in New Jersey)... she's running Outlook 2003. This moring her Inbox showed 2 new emails, but they all showed as being read already. She has an appointment, but after that I might use TeamViewer to access her computer.. is there anything I should look for or do? ... 20 Apr 2010 19:42
Outlook 2007 not loading properly
Hi I am running Windows Vista Home Premium on an HP desktop, with Office 2007 SP2. For months my Outlook has worked fine (or as well as can be expected). In the last 2 weeks it has stopped loading. It will open only in safe mode. How can I fix this problem? I have tried: 1. office diaganostics - no resol... 14 Apr 2010 23:23
Rules not uploading to Microsoft Exchange
I receive an error message " One or more rules cannot be uploaded to Microsoft Exchange and ahve been deactivated. This could be becauase some of the parameters are not supported, or there is insufficient nspace to store all of your rules". I dontunderstand as I created one rule and then another - one was applied ok t... 15 Apr 2010 18:07
Outlook Folders or accounts
I my Outlook 2007 I open two email accounts; everything works fine except for the reply. Even if I reply to an email in the secondary account, the SENT email gets posted in the primary account. What kind of rule can I write to MOVE it - or at least copy it - to the SENT folder in the secondary account? Tha... 14 Apr 2010 13:20
Entering dates via Vcal files not working properly
I have just booked our flights from Australia to the US. United allows you to download the itinerary to Outlook using Vcal files. You do each leg separately. However, while some legs worked fine, those that spanned two days, such as LAX-MEL or SYD-JFK don't work properly. I get the correct time for the start o... 17 Apr 2010 23:59
Outlook 07: how to make rule to mark as read?
Hi folks, I have several accounts under Outlook 07. One is an exchange account and the rest are pop3. I have various rules set up for each account for outgoing messages to be copied to my inbox then filed in various folders according to subject matter. As they are outgoing emails I want them to be marked as rea... 18 Apr 2010 20:51
E-mail response
Is it possible to have replies automatically put at the bottom of an e-mail. The purpose would be to have replies in chronilogical order. i.e. I receive an e-mail and my response would be forced at the end and so on. Thanks D ... 14 Apr 2010 08:47
how do i reply to a note and send/file it in the correct folder?
I am trying to respond to notes, when i hit send, I would like to file it in the correct folder (to find it later). ... 14 Apr 2010 08:47
I don't understand the Contacts Folders in Outlook 2003.
This is Outlook 2003 running on windows XP at home in a stand-alone desktop computer. There seems to be three different lists of folders: I created a folder, SML, that has names I import for my monthly newsletter. I recreate it for each mailing. I've explored the different places I use the contacts folders... 17 Apr 2010 05:21
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