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Outlook 2007 vs Groupwise feature comparison
Our office is migrating from Groupwise to Outlook 2007. We have been looking for a document that compares features in the two programs. I've found something for Outlook 2003 and a comparison that heavily favors Groupwise. Is there a rather unbiased comparison chart out there? ... 23 Apr 2010 11:49
different stationary & profiles
Using OL 2007 and Windows 7. I can't configure out how to provide different stationary for different profiles. My spouse and I would like to have different stationaries. We choose our profile when OL starts but if I change one profile the other follows. How can we have two different stationaries? Thanks ... 26 Apr 2010 14:57
Hi, There's a very annoying thing about the way the messages are listed. I have many folders and the main thing I need to see is who's the message from but instead all folders are arranged by SENT TO - well of course it's been sent to myself. So I re-arrange the fields by right-click on the main ARRANGED BY... 22 Apr 2010 10:21
restore email in office small business 2007
Hello, Can't seem to find the answer to 1/ where is the deleted folder & 2/ How do I restore deleted emails in Outlook 2007. Thanks John ... 22 Apr 2010 05:09
how do I transfer email addresses from maximizer to outlook
I am trying to set up a group address book in my outlook system using email contact information from maximizer -- has anyone ever done this?? thanks ... 22 Apr 2010 12:26
Outlook becomes default mail handler
Outlook 2003. For some reason (haven't been able to figure out what triggers it), Outlook keeps setting itself as the Default Mail Handler. Our users only use Outlook for the Calendar function - they use Outlook Express for eMail. We have a database application (Access F/E) that allows them to send documents by... 21 Apr 2010 23:59
annoying spell checker
When I try to compose a new message in Outlook 2003 the spell checker takes over and when I am part way through a word it asks if I want to correct it. I click 'ignore all' and it the tells me 'checking is complete', until I start another word and the process repeats. I have disabled ' check before sending' in the ... 25 Apr 2010 03:19
Outlook 2007. Transfer desktop backup to travel laptop?
Can I backup from my desktop to a flash drive and open it on my travel laptop? Both have Outlook 2007 installed but are not networked. If its do-able, how? Will it overwrite existing Personal Folder on laptop or open as a separate Personal Folder file? ... 21 Apr 2010 16:44
Restore default form to Contacts? Outlook 2007
I tried out a 3rd party app for Outlook 2007 and decided against using it. Unfortunately, it changed the Ribbon (maybe the form?) for all my thousands of contacts. As a result I can no longer view Details or Activities. New contacts created are OK. Is there a way to restore the default form and Ribbon for t... 20 Apr 2010 11:22
OL2007 SP2 reading pane crashes...
Hi, If I try to move too quickly between messages, it will consistently crash my Outlook. If I move to a message, wait for the cpu to go idle as all the pictures fill in, and then move to another message, it will not crash. I am running in a virtual machine and I noticed that slows things down and makes th... 19 Apr 2010 10:32
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