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BIOS / CMOS not working properly
I have a Gigabyte S-Series GA-G31M-ES2L Motherboard. When I go into CMOS settings <DEL> the <Load Fail-Safe Defaults>, <Load Optimized Defaults> and <Set Supervisor/User Password> are greyed. I'm not aware of anything I have done to change this. Can anyone help please? Thanks. Bill R ... 23 Feb 2010 12:28
Download Driver
Download Driver Paul wrote: Re: Intel Pentium 4 driver 16-Aug-07 chole7796 wrote: Can you copy the text from the error messages, exactly, and post them ? The more info you give, the more answer we give. Paul Previous Posts In This Thread: On Tuesday, August 14, 2007 9:10 PM chole779 wrote: In... 22 Feb 2010 11:53 Kit completo de Solenoides ( solenoid ) + chicotePara Cambio automatico 01M hidramatico Audi A3 Vw Golf gti turbo 79381
Contato: marvendas(a) marvendas @ marvendas no Kit completo de solenoides para Volkswagem e Audi. O kit contem: 5 solenoides 2 Epc ( solenoides de pressao ) 1 Chicote Serve para qualquer modelo VW ou Audi fabricados de 1995 ate hoje com o cambio automatico de 4 marchas � 01M Pre�o: R$ ... 19 Feb 2010 23:19
LDC Screen flickers
XP Home. The LCD Screen flickers. You have an idea of some parts I can change to fix it? What would you do? Thank you for your time. Compaq Nx6125 AMD Turion 2Ghz Thank you ~ Enjoy The Rest Of Your Cajun Crawfish ... 19 Feb 2010 13:17
Check this
Check this ... 25 Feb 2010 17:08
My power supply unit needs 2-3 hours to "warm up" before computercan be turned on!
Jason Stacy wrote: I observed a strange problem with my computer. Once every approx.3 month I cannot turn on my computer after shutdown. It seems to be dead. After I plugged out power cable and plugged it in after 10 minutes and wait period of approx 2-3 hours it works. Does my Power supply unit ... 16 Feb 2010 18:24
Black screen and auto reboot with this message in event viewer.
HI, I have XP Pro SP3 and a gigabyte Radeon HD4850 Display card on an Asus P5Q3 mobo. It has 4GB RAM and 650 Watts power. No over clocking, just straight. For some reason the screen goes black every now and then and then reboots. In event viewer there no problem show except this is ACEEventLog. Any idea... 20 Feb 2010 03:41
Ext USB probs - Sheell32.dll Controil_RunDLL Hotplig.dll
Hi, I am having some problems with this error message every now and then with a couple of my USB externals. It happens out of the blue when I am copying files or just idle. What could cause this please. XP Pro rock ... 17 Feb 2010 04:30
laptop display
I tried the new Vostro 1502 laptop and noticed that display cover is closed rather hardly, and when display is near 2-inches from the body, it tense and springy and tries to slam very sharply, with sharp knock. So you need be very careful and to keep the fingers between display and housing, otherwise display wi... 17 Feb 2010 13:24
printer shows as "offline"
The problem is that I cannot use the printer because it shows as "offline". If I right-click the printer, an option shows as "use printer offline", and if I select the option the printer shows as "offline - offline". This changes the right-click option to "use printer online", but returns me to the original probl... 15 Feb 2010 14:22
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