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usb 2.0
Hi, If i find USB Enhenced Host Controller in the device manager, does it means all the usb ports can run at usb 2.0 speed. or still maybe some of them can only run at a lower speed i.e. usb 1.0 thanks ... 7 Jan 2010 12:27
Realteck 5.1 (6 channel) sound problem
Hi, I have finally got round to connecting all my speakers up to my fairly new PC. I have a Soundblaster desktop 5.1 speaker system and my new mobo, aa ASrock N68PV-GS, has 3 rear connectors for the onboard Realtek ALC662 system. I connect up my 3 cables, Front Green to Green on the mobo, middle black/blue and t... 6 Jan 2010 18:49
Help with new mobo
Hi, I have an old TUSL-C mobo and I want to update to a new one as I think this one is on it's way out. Thing is, every now and then the whole thing shuts down or goes to the XP blue screen. On this box and with the new mobo, I want to do this. I use XP Pro. PCI Controller to run 2 IDE HDs.. Master and S... 6 Jan 2010 09:54
Ever a limit on hard-drives?
Is there ever a limit to how many hard-drives you want to internally install into a computer? I understand you need a certain amount or ports on your motherboard and the connectors from the power supply or additional ones from an expansion slot. eg: Can I put a 1.5 terabyte drive into an older computer if I r... 13 Jan 2010 22:14
Lifecam VX-5000 video static
I recently purchased a vx-5000 to run on windows 7 computer. I downloaded the most recent software (version 3.0). After installation all I get for video is multicolored static. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software and switched USB slots and get the same result. Does anyone have a fix for this? ... 6 Jan 2010 09:54
It's ok in XP not to have a soundcard, isn't it?
I always used to be able to hear sounds thru the speakers connected to the back of my PC. I know there was no special soundcard (e.g. Soundblaster) in my PC but figured it worked, so what the heck, it must be using some basic default Windows property. Anyway, for one reason and another I had to re-install XP SP2,... 6 Jan 2010 09:54
Dell Dimension 5100 Card Reader & Windows XP MCE
I believe it is a "teac" card reader. It cannot read SDHC cards - but before the rebuild it was able to do exactly this. The machine has a license for Windows XP Media Center edition 2005. I tried the following hitfix: It said I already have the latest service pack and ... 31 Dec 2009 20:56
Blue Screen
I am running XP SP3. I just got a strange blue screen, while I was composing an email. All functions and processes have been operating normally all year. The screen was not specific to one problem, but suggested that a hardware or software problem had occurred - that I should first restart the computer, and ... 30 Dec 2009 00:07
To Ron Rector....Thanks a million,buddy!!! You sorted out the same problem I was having with my LITE-ON DVD/RW SHW-160P6s. It wouldn't play dvds. Thanks to you, it's working again... WHOOPEEEE!!! :-) -- Collie1972 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Collie1972's Profile: http://... 12 Jan 2010 12:58
Write Delay Failure
Hello Recently I tried to copy a number of folders full of photo files from my secondary hard drive to a CF memory card via an external 2.0 USB card reader. One image folder was 1.5GB; another was 311MB. Occasionally, during the copying I will get an error message stating the a particular image file could not b... 29 Dec 2009 09:42
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