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Mic to speaker problem
Need help in Windows XP for voice amplification. The option: “start – control panel-sound/audio-voice-harware test” works fine. But trying to direct use of a microphone to notebook speaker does not work. I believe it is a configuration problem I cannot solve bt miselft. Appreciate your help Luis ... 10 Mar 2010 20:55
Hard disk repair
I'm looking for a good Hard Disk Repair program,all I see in google is data recovery software,and some of them very expensive. ... 6 Mar 2010 15:12
does this work? Sounds too good to be true. Anyone tried it? Is it free? -- regards, |\ /| | \/ |@rk \../ \/os ... 5 Mar 2010 17:23
so one USB port not equal to other USB port
I have been having trouble with one of my USB hard disks. It worked for some time, but not reliably. In practice it randomly dismounted while copying files (and also when not copying). After that I had to pull the power plug and reinsert it to make the drive mount again. Yesterday this happened again, I got a... 9 Mar 2010 15:50
Unable to get the display in the monitor
My computer which was working good for many years have broken down. It shows nothing in the screen except "THE SIGNAL CABLE DISCONNECT" when i turn it on. It doesn't produce any sound. I have replaced the RAM in another slot, It did not work out too. What shall I do? Please help me! Thank You - Muhadsha ... 9 Mar 2010 07:51
toggling removable bit for A Data SDHC? (so XP sees SDHC as a Fixed Drive)
I want to convert my A Data brand 16 GB SDHC (Class 6) to type "fixed" instead of "removable" so I can install & run XP on the SDHC card, or extend the Mini's C:\ drive partition to the card as described here: How to extend system partition (extend c drive) to optimize the performance of your computer? ... 8 Mar 2010 13:04
Write-Delay errors for multi-user app
PC: Intel P4 CPU 3gHz dual processor, 1 GB RAM, no-name box with a MSI motherboard running Phoenix BIOS dated 2005. OS: WinXP Pro SP3 We're running a multi-user app with the 'server' on another WinXP Pro PC. I get several Write-Delay errors per day when workign within the app. We've changed out the switch, ... 17 Mar 2010 09:07
New system with USB 3.0 Ports
Has anyione come across any new systems (either from DELL or HP) that already has new USB 3.0 ports? Apparently, it is 10 times faster than USB 2.0 so it worth an upgrade! ... 4 Mar 2010 08:58
Event ID 45 and 49 from ftdisk
On a HP Windows XP SP3 PC with all Updates i do receive the following two Errors on every Startup: Event ID 45 ftdisk The system could not successfully load the crash dump driver. Event ID 49 ftdisk Configuring the Page file for crash dump failed. Make sure there is a page file on the boot partition and tha... 10 Mar 2010 01:59
Monitor problem. Blinking power light no display
I have a Hyundai L90D+ monitor that served me well for the last couple of years till yesterday. It worked as the extended monitor in Dual View recently and all was fine. Suddenly after starting the computer yesterday there was no image on the monitor and the power LED which normally is blue when the monitor is on n... 23 Mar 2010 05:39
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