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Problem with MS Optical Mouse
Hello folks: I have a Microsoft Standard wireless Optical Mouse. The problem is that it right clicks by itself and if you hoover over an item, it will open that item by itself sometimes. I have updated the driver for it using Microsoft Software, and I have new batteries but the problem persists. I reall... 26 Mar 2010 10:25
Epson Stylus NX515 does not print, not even a Test page
I use Windows 7 and the Epson Stylus NX515 is on and the wireless light is also on. But it does not print. The documents are in the queue but do not print. Not even a test page. ... 8 Apr 2010 14:03
New page on Video Carrdds
I have created a new page on video cards from my forum and from my reviews etc. Lots of helpful information with more to come. Vendor neutral its meant to be helpful without a vendor calling the shots. -- ... 20 Mar 2010 17:46
New eSATA drive not showing up in Explorer
Hi Experts, I'm running 32-bit XP Professional SP2 (just found out it'll be desupported on 7/31/10 but that's ok for now). I just installed a new 2-bay eSATA drive, a Sans Digital MobilStor MS2UT+(B) with hardware dial set to RAID-0. I turned on the SATA-4 mobo connector in my BIOS and when I hit Esc to ... 21 Mar 2010 20:52
Patch Lead collection !!
RJK wrote: I'm wondering if mine is the biggest patch lead collection in the world ! But, straight after wondering that, I realize that it can't be, because yet again I've got a Dell Vostro on the bench with a blown MBR, (no ATX PS2 sockets / i.e. all USB), and cannot find a PS2 KB to USB adaptor, and... 20 Mar 2010 13:14
Delay Write Failed
What does "Delay Write Failed" for a flash drive plugged into a Windows XP Pro machine? I'll tell you my problem. I also have a memory card reader from Vivitar that I got at Staples. It only reads SDHC cards and I have a 4GB SDHC card. This one is probably a month old and had only a few MB's of files on it.... 1 Apr 2010 22:28
DVD-RAM DRIVE(D:) changes to CD DRIVE (D:)
When I put in a blank DVD of any kind my DVD drive changes to CD drive. I am unable to burn any to a DVD. This is a new problem for me. I have been able to burn in the past with no problem.Everything in my device manager is fine. Can someone please help me. ... 20 Mar 2010 09:48
Laptop wireless network connection
I can't seem to switch from an "ad hoc" network on the road (laptop to laptop) to the infrastructure network at home. After I get home, I ensure that the ad hoc is disconnected and try to log onto the infrastructure. It won't work. No other problems. Should it be easy to switch between the two type? ... 17 Mar 2010 11:23
PCIe mini card drive in place of wifi?
My WiFi card is dying on my dell inspiron laptop. It's a mini PCIe internal card. I see PCIe solid state drives in the same format, and I assume (?) that the slot is kind of like a slot in a desktop, a generic slot for whatever. So could I put one of these drives in that slot and use a USB stick for my wifi? Anybod... 16 Mar 2010 12:33
PalmOS lifedrive disappeared from device manager, can't reinstall
Hello, I've had a Palm Lifedrive for years, ever since they came out, and it worked fine for many. Then I sort of stopped syncing it to my xp desktop at home, about a year ago. I am trying again and now I find windows no longer sees the device, even though I never uninstalled it (just stopped using it on the p... 13 Mar 2010 18:42
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