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Need advice to troubleshoot a computer
My parent's computer has stopped working. It is on, but is not doing anything (the monitor is not receiving a signal). It will not reboot or even shut down via the buttons on the front. I need to figure out what the problem is and whether it is fixable. I was planning to redo their hard drive soon as it was org... 22 May 2010 03:02
Don't know if this is a Windows or Corel problem, but since I replaced dead computer and reinstalled WP OFFICE 11 (WIN XP) cannot copy (or cut) to clipboard. Couldn't find anything in Help topics for either XP or Corel about a problem with the clipboard, just how to use it. Any help woujld be apreciated Thank you ... 18 May 2010 13:41
Is this CD player defective? Cannot access blank CDs (only)
I can use music and software installation CDs just fine on my Dell laptop using an optical CD RW drive. I used to be able to burn blank CDs. But now when I insert a blank CD I get the following symptoms: It shows zero bytes available. When I click on the "D:\" icon (in My Computer) a popup (dialog box) show... 17 May 2010 21:20
Please insert a disk into removable drive
I've just bought a portable hard drive and i comes up with the error "please insert a disk into removable drive". I've tried changing the drive name from 'F:' to other letters and nothing works. I've tried uninstalling via device manager and reinstalling. I've tried searching for driver updates. None of these w... 17 May 2010 18:02
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Got power but nothing else
I went away for all of last week and shut down my pc in the usual way and also switched of the power at the mains as well. On my return when I switched it back on, it starts up as soon as I turn the mains on at the wall socket. The power pack starts, the fans on the power pack, cpu and motherboard run, the keyboar... 17 May 2010 03:44
laptop power problem
I recently put on my laptop and when it booted up ok the screen was dull as if the battery was low but the icon said it was charging. It remained at 2% and never rose up to full charge. When I take it off mains power the screen brightens up like it was fully charged but i get a message saing i should switch to ... 19 May 2010 02:51
Data corruption on HDD - should I still use it?
Hi, I recently began experiencing data corruption errors on my OS SATA HDD (I am using XP Pro sp3). I performed CHKDSK /F and it seemed to have fixed the issue. Then a few days later I couldnt boot into my OS at all. There was an error telling me that C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\system was corrupt or missing. I ... 17 May 2010 08:02
Laptop power problem
I recently put on my laptop but the screen is dull like the power is low but when i use the power supply it stays dull but it says its charging, but the percentage never rises. When i take out the power lead the screen brightens up like it is fully charged, but i get a message saying to use the power supply as... 16 May 2010 01:41
Boot device question
I replaced my internal hard drive in my computer and everything is fine there. My problem is when I backed up my data from old hard drive I messed up when backing up my saved email. Now I want to retrieve this information from the old hard drive so I bought an external case and put old drive in it. Now I can pl... 15 May 2010 01:54
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