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ANOTHER PSU question...
PSU wattage ??? Have trawled through site after site, tried several different "wattage calculators" that give wildly different figures, seemingly because they want you to click on a "buy a psu here" link !! Anyhooo! ...can someone give me a more accurate idea for watts, for ordinary desktop midi-tower innards... 26 Jul 2007 20:38
AMD Processor conflict?
I was using Firefox and Messenger while this error message came up: Error OS: Windows XP Professional, SP2 CPU: AuthenticAMD, AMD AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3100+, MMX @ 1800 MHz Application data: VmVyc2lvbjogVVVKZFExQlRWbHRFVFVOSFF3b0NPU2M2T3lwcGZtVmd hUzArT0NFK0pEQkRkSDUzY21CeE9nPT0NCkltYW... (and loads more... 25 Jan 2007 17:58
motherboard or processor
Hi everybody, first of all, excuse me for my english. I'm catalan and I will try that you understand me I have a P IV 3,2 which doesn't turn on. Few Days ago, I kept out all components and I changed the processor for another and I listened the 'beep' of the motherboard. I thought that the processor was wrong ... 20 Dec 2006 19:28
Other devices error code 28
I have a new Gateway computer and I have an error in device manager that I can not get rid of. It is in Unknown Device--Other Devices and it has a yellow question mark there--error code 28. I have uninstalled the device many times but it keeps trying to install with hardware wizard many times--however, I do n... 18 Dec 2006 19:44
xp home edition key code
I had to redo my computer and when i reinstall windows it is say that my key code isnt working. When I called they said I would have to purchase another software kit. Is there anywhere that I can go and get a code for free?? -- marnieann24 ... 11 Nov 2006 11:29
Maxstore 160GB HDD Unreadable in a Dell
My daughter's HDD on her Dell Dimension PC crashed and became unreadable (not backed up of course) - unbootable volume reported. The Windows XP setup disk could see 3 partitions (2 Dell diagnostic partitions FAT and FAT32) plus and unknown one (main NTFS partition) - I have not reformatted or done anything to ... 14 Sep 2006 04:41
Sidewinder 3D Pro driver
Eddie \(UK\) Wrote: I recently bought an old ('98) MICROSOFT SIDEWINDER 3D PRO joystick. It's in mint condition but I didn't get any Driver CD or manual. Does anyone know where I can download a Driver? DETAILS: MICROSOFT SIDEWINDER 3D PRO (5V 45mA) PART NO. 63545 FCC ID: C3KMJ1 ======... 26 Aug 2006 15:50
Temperature range CPU
I have AMD Duron (tm) processor and American Megatrends motherboard sis735 K7S5A my cpu temp was 42c and system 27c What range should I be aware of Thank You "Roger" =========================== =========================== ... 19 Feb 2006 11:06
cd drive!!!!!!
i have windows XP. the cd dvd drive icon has disapeared from my computer. I checked the device it said that the driver is missing or corrupted (code 39) i tried uninstalling it and reinstalling but that didnt work. its a Sony CDRW/DVD CRX33OE im not very good with computers can u help? -- claire xx ... 15 Feb 2006 12:22
No Wave Volume Control - Can't record sound
I have a sound recorder that I use to record internet radio programs. It uses the Wave control to record sound. I recently upgraded my mainboard on WIn XP Pro machine. Upgraded to Intel D101GGC main board with integrated Intel High Definition Audio. It uses the RealTek AL861 Codec. Sound works fine, no probl... 7 Feb 2006 09:56
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