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Print only a string
Hi, I want to print only a string but I can't find the method. My code is: Dim s as String Dim p As Printer For Each p In Printers If p.DeviceName = "\\Recepcion02\ZDesigner LP 2824" Then Set Printer = p Exit For End If Next s = code.Value Printer.... 8 Mar 2010 03:10
Do you provide all source code (MDB) to client where you have custom developed software?
That might depend on who you are, Bob. If you are part of a large organisation with policies in place to ensure your application is adequately supported and maintained for decades to come, I don't see any obligation on you to give them the source code. But if you are an individual who cannot guarantee the cli... 6 Mar 2010 04:14
I have 2 virtuall identical Dbs in AK2, 1 called Clubs and the other Donations. If I make MDE files of both of them and open a form called MenuTreeNew then close the database, next time I open the Clubs.MDE the MenuTreeNew form is displayed. Nothing is displayed in the Donations.Mdb. Startup forms are not defi... 4 Mar 2010 20:16
Continuous form - Auto Update a field
I have a continuous form where the first field in the form is a serial number. It starts with 1 and increments each time a new record is added. I want to autoincrement this field. It is set as a number. I do not want to use autonumber for this field. Serial Number Rev Number Date of Test 1 ... 9 Mar 2010 11:09
Auto restart possible ??
Hi all, Is there a possibility to auto-restart an application (e.g. when an error occurs ??) Explanation: I have a unattended application (24 x 7) that reads Outlook data every x minutes and presents these data on a screen. Sometimes an error occurs (Msgbox) and the application just waits until someone hits OK . ... 5 Mar 2010 15:03
Open ACCESS Application thru C# Application on windows 7
Hi all, Some background: we have a windows application (c#) that locate in the system try. that simple application is a basically shortcuts manger for other application and messaging between the workers. one of the application is an Access 2007 application (connected to sqlserver) - the client works with ACCE... 3 Mar 2010 11:46
Method for Requery/Resort while adding new records
G'day Everyone, I have a couple if situations in my database where data is being entered into a subforms. There is two similar situations I'm faced with which make our user interface a bit nasty. WHAT I'M DOING: -> A subform needs to be re-sorted as new records are entered, (after update event) -> A calcul... 2 Mar 2010 22:35
help with field list in query
I opened a query in an Access 2003 db that I haven't used in a while. In the design view, I can see all the tables, but I can't see the "field list" - I think that's what it's called - the section in which you add fields & criteria. There are up and down scroll buttons, but if I scroll to the bottom, I still can't ... 3 Mar 2010 09:31
Access FE to multiple BE Servers
Hi Everyone, Just wanting some feedback or ideas on approaching a problem. What I would like to do is to migrate an Access FE away from and Access BE (MDB), and instead allow a user to specify which BE server type they are using, provide their settings, then create the connections as needed. The FE would cont... 4 Mar 2010 10:02
Can Chart Title Be Nominated When Report Opens?
I have several charts on a report and at the moment each chart has an improvised "title" immediately above it that is in actual fact a textbox that is populated from a hidden bound form. I've done this because it is a requirement that the chart titles can be changed. I have grouped the charts and their respectiv... 1 Mar 2010 23:09
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