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How to serialize Mfc template dialog class ?
Hello How can I serialize Mfc template dialog class , I can't use DECLARE_SERIAL and IMPLEMENT_SERIAL for this . I noticed that IMPLEMENT_SERIAL_T macro exist, but it is not documented and there is no corresponding DECLARE_SERAIL_T. Thanks ... 10 Sep 2009 03:40
How to resize activex control at runtime
I'm designing a web-embedded video player, my idea is that, 1. use VMR with windowless mode to render video. 2. use activex control window as VMR clipping window. Then, I have to resize control according to actual video resolution. Here's what I did, 1. read video file in, get its resolution; 2. set control siz... 3 Sep 2009 21:48
Journey into Unicode
Now i have my Unicode dialog project that displays, read and writes with unicode characters. My plan is to create a dll for this dialog, i was hoping that somehow i could still retain my EXE as non unicode and just call this dialog that displays the unicode characters. I want to design it such way that there wi... 3 Sep 2009 18:29
Hello experts, I am using MS VC 6.0. I've developped a small dialog-based app in which I display some HTML contents in a CWebBrowser2 object. The HTML document contains a <form></form> block from which I can get the user's input using <input>, <textarea> and other tags. Getting the user's inputs works using get ... 9 Feb 2009 02:09
Feature Pack 2008 - Customise toolbars problem
Hi, I've upgraded my app to use the MFC Feature Pack and am using CMFCToolBars in an MDI app with most of the Feature Pack UI features running. Everything is beautiful except the toolbar customisations. Using Alt and drag, I can remove existing buttons from the toolbars, but I cannot change the buttons' po... 3 Feb 2009 09:32
Need help using the new MFC feature pack classes
I have ported our C/C++ MFC application from Visual Studio 6 to Visual Studio 2008. I am now attempting to add support for the new MFC classes that are part of the feature pack. I have added classes like CWinAppEx, CMDIFrameWndEx, CMDIChildEx and CMFCStatusBar successfully in an attempt to improve our GUI. H... 1 Feb 2009 13:32
CDialog::Create serious bug
In spite of the fact that you can presumably specify a parent window for a modeless dialog, the low-level API ignores whatever window you give it and makes the main application window be the parent of the dialog. I even wrote a simple raw-Win32 app to test this, and it fails in the same way. The parent window is a... 23 Jan 2009 17:17
Unexplained WM_COMMAND messages in modeless dialog
I am using a modeless MFC dialog. The dialog, designed using the dialog editor, contains 2 group boxes, and each group box "contains" a group of 3 radio buttons. Each radio button has a handler invoked when the button is clicked. When the dialog is created, one of the radio buttons (the one with the lowest ID) r... 18 Jan 2009 14:35
Pass CWnd or CView to DLL
In my DLL I have a function that accepts a CWnd as paramter. Thus I have to #include "afxwin.h". Doing this results in: fatal error C1189: #error : Building MFC application with /MD[d] (CRT dll version) requires MFC shared dll version. Please #define _AFXDLL or do not use /MD[d] So I #define _AFXDLL But ... 16 Jan 2009 19:09
CFileDialog Exception
Hello I have tried using the CFileException Dialog it crashes on the command ..DoModal. I have tried the exact code listed here and get tthe same result: And also tried creating a pointer and doing ->DoModal(); All of these cause an 'exeption error:Pr... 20 Jan 2009 20:01
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