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Disable an item in CMFCPopupMenu
I use GetContextMenuManager()->ShowPopupMenu and I need one item to be disabled in some cases. Following code does not work for me: CMFCPopupMenu* pMenuActive = CMFCPopupMenu::GetActiveMenu(); CMFCToolBarMenuButton* pMenuButton = pMenuActive->GetMenuItem(0); pMenuButton->EnableWindow(FALSE); Attempt to use Enabl... 26 Nov 2009 10:52
FreeImage help
hi guys i need some urgent help here..could someone help me fix this compiles fine but just doesnt show up as i want it to..i need to display a jpg on screen void CLowerEicasDlg::screeny() { HDC hdc = CreateDC("DISPLAY", NULL, NULL, NULL); HDC hdcC = CreateCompatibleDC(hdc); int dest_x, dest_y, widt... 9 Nov 2009 09:59
Bitmap printing upside down
Hi, I'm having a problem when printing out a bitmap, having wrestled with getting it to print where I want it to, the bitmap gets drawn upside down!!! The same code prints an icon in the correct orientation on the opposite side of the page. My code is relatively simple, but I cannot see what will cause the b... 4 Nov 2009 07:32
send message to winApp ?
I have placed thread control logic for worker threads in theApp, declared as CdualApp : public CWinApp. But my additions to the message map result in the error: error C2440: 'static_cast' : cannot convert from 'LRESULT (__cdecl *)(WPARAM,LPARAM)' to 'LRESULT (__thiscall CWnd::* )(WPARAM,LPARAM)' if declared glo... 8 Nov 2009 19:39
CToolTipCtrl to appear in response to event
I am attempting to show a balloon tooltip on a property page (in a wizard) in response to an event. For example, if the user clicks "Next", but some input is invalid, I want to show a balloon tooltip showing the error. Windows 7 does this in the new network connection wizard (see attached image). I can mak... 3 Nov 2009 14:54
CListBox items based on dialog resources.
Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to customize a CListBox to base it's items on child dialog resources (like CPaneDialog does, or better, like ListBox ItemDataTemplate in WPF). I find custom draw or owner draw too painfull to implement, and hard to extend and reuse. Regards, Louis-Pierre B... 5 Nov 2009 07:48
CToolTipCtrl & Property Pages
It appears that PreTranslateMessage is not called for property pages (CPropertyPageEx) in Wizards. Where should CToolTipCtrl::RelayEvent() be called instead to make tooltips work? ....Matt ... 3 Nov 2009 12:40
History of Visual Studio
Interesting. Thanks for the link. Tom "Giovanni Dicanio" <giovanniDOTdicanio(a)> wrote in message news:OpXgTakWKHA.4360(a)TK2MSFTNGP04.phx.gbl... Sometimes in this newsgroup several versions of Visual Studio were mentioned. I found this series of blog posts which seems to me very inte... 3 Nov 2009 00:35
How to override the behavior of Ctrl+Tab in a MFC based MDI application
I believe the Ctrl+Tab action is implemented by DefWindowProc. So I need to know a bit more about the "some conditions"; for example, if it is unversal, everywhere, you would probably want to use PreTranslateMessage in the mainframe; but if it is only in certain views, then you would probably put an OnKeyDown handl... 2 Nov 2009 02:30
How to override the behavior of Ctrl+Tab in a MFC based MDI application
By default, press Ctrl+Tab in a MFC based MDI application will switch between opened documents. But in some situation, I need bypass this behavior and continue dispatching this message to my CDockablePane. But I don't know which base class has defined above document switching behavior, so that I don't know where ... 2 Nov 2009 00:19
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