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Changing Tab Control BackGround and Foreground COlor
I have a tabcontrol created with dialogs (3 dlgs) ,after that assciated each , to formed a tab control as usual way. i need to change the tab control color,rightnow i have changed backgorungd color.but i could not changed the part like the place of title part i can't change the color. eg: tab1| tab2 | tab3| ... 9 Oct 2009 06:04
How to convert const char * to wchar_t
Hi ... How can I convert const char * to wchar_t? Example: char *argv[] is my array and i want it to pass to different file which accept only WCHAR **argv where WCHAR is defined as typedef wchar_t WCHAR Thanks ... 9 Oct 2009 07:09
How to make CFileDialog, MessageBox etc ..Layered ?
On Oct 8, 7:33 am, Matrixinline <anup.kata...(a)> wrote: Hi All, Can you please tell me how to make CFileDialog, MessageBox, Tooltips layered. I tried to extend the CFileDialog and in the OnInitDialogMethod I have written following line but it did not changed anything for it. BOOL bTru... 10 Oct 2009 19:22
"Lock" splitter bar
Hello, How can I dynamically "lock" the splitter bar. That is to say, the customer wants to be able to make a configuration file change, that for some user will not allow them to move the splitter bar (hide the view). TIA-jc ... 7 Oct 2009 19:49
Use Dialog instead Window in MFC Problem !
hi i use window in my program user interface like this: [code] .... ShowWindow( g_hWnd, nCmdShow ); UpdateWindow (g_hWnd) ; if( FAILED( InitWindow( hInstance, nCmdShow ) ) ) return 0; hInst = hInstance; // Main message loop MSG msg = {0}; while (!Done) { .... ... 10 Oct 2009 19:22
arrangement of include files
Hello, I have a regular DLL that uses MFC as static library, to use it I have exported one function from the dll. In the debug mode everything works correctly but in the release mode I get different errors. If I include the DLL headers at the top like this #include "../Grid/Grid.h" // dll #include "../Grid/Grid... 6 Oct 2009 05:54
Copying CByteArray to a CString?
Is it over a minute in Release mode or in Debug mode? Anyway, for such a long buffer, I think you should set the size of the destination string before starting to add elements. Otherwise, the string will have to reallocate the memory as it grows, which can take a lot of time. Try something like this: CString ... 2 Oct 2009 18:48
AfxConnectionAdvise: No events fired
I am trying to use an ActiveX control without any windows using AfxConnectionAdvise. I am able to get a sample control to work fine and the events fire. Now I am trying to get the actual control I am interested in to work. In order to be able to call any functions from the control I had to add IsInvokeAllowe... 2 Oct 2009 08:41
Copying CByteArray to a CString?
I am using VC6. Is there a way to copy a CByteArray to a CString? ... 2 Oct 2009 13:12
FTPFindFirstFile unicode
Hello, I am using WinInet API FtpFindFirstFile to enumerate files and folders on FTP server. It works fine for filenames that have english characters and filepath upto 260 characters. But for filenames that have Japanese characters it fails. For Japanese filenames it works fine upto 128 characters, but fails on ... 2 Oct 2009 19:55
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