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Sharing a semaphore between users
Hi, I'm using Vista and MS VC 6.0. has anyone being able to share a global semaphore between different users? I've done the following in my dialog-based application: HANDLE g_hSem; BOOL CMyApp::InitInstance() { g_hSem = CreateSemaphore(NULL,3,3,"Global\\MyAppUniqueID"); if (g_hSem==NULL) { TRACE("%... 25 Jun 2008 15:01
Disk or network error
Environment Platform - VC 2005, Window server 2003, OleDB Database - Oracle, Microsoft Access Database Problem Statement We have developed multithreaded service application which can run 24x7. I have used two machines to run test. First machine (M1) on which service is running. Second ma... 9 Jun 2008 07:19
Why this happen? is it a bug of mfc9.0
I write a program in vc++ 2008,and i want to make it support multiple language. so i write a dll with all the resource build in it ,then i use the API function : LoadLibrary to Load the resource dll. last i use AfxSetResourceHandle(hCurrLanguageInstanceHandle);still now the application can run. but when i... 10 Jun 2008 01:14
Memory leaks
Visual Studio 2005. I have memory leaks in my project. I seem have 7 objects that are not being destroyed properly. The memory locations being left behind are the same everytime. Can I find out when these objects are being created so that I can figure out what they are? Thanks, GT This is the output w... 21 May 2008 08:08
We are trying to use the CMFCDesktopAlertWnd class in our project, but we cannot find a way to update the message on the Alerts dialog when using the custom dialog. Please, if anybody has any idea on how to dynamically update the message displayed at runtime, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, jayMFC ... 19 May 2008 05:44
link error with afxGlobalUtils of MFC9.0
I used global variant afxGlobalUtils of MFC9.0 (VS2008+Feature Pack) in my MFC extension dll like this: HICON hIcon = afxGlobalUtils.GetWndIcon(pWnd); But when i compile, there is a link error: error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "class CGlobalUtils afxGlobalUtils" (?afxGlobalUtils@@3VCGlobalUtils@@A) ... 15 May 2008 09:25
linking with mfc42.lib and mfc90.lib?
Hallo! We have an old application we are porting using Visual Studio 2008. Originally developed with VC6.0. It's a mfc-applikation and thus referers to mfc90.lib. Together with the old application we've linked mfc42.lib. Additionally we have linked in a library we don't have the source to. This lib refer... 12 May 2008 12:26
Using MFC dll from non-MFC application
I have been struggling several weeks with this problem. I need to call an MFC dll from a non-MFC application. The MFC dll was originally a working MFC program that I conveted to a dll. The dll works fine except that it crashes when I exit. Can anyone provide me with some snippets of working code showing how ... 14 May 2008 22:24
communication between C# dll and C++ dll ???
Thanks for the reply I forgot to inform that m using VS 2005 (C# dll ) and VS 6.0 for (C++ dll ) On May 7, 3:09 pm, "Giovanni Dicanio" <giovanni.dica...(a)> wrote: I uploaded a sample solution on the web, so you can download that file and open in VS2008 and study and experiment with it:  ht... 12 May 2008 00:11
CListCtrl, hide and edit
MFC 6.0. The Help implied that I can hide an item in a CListCtrl. But I can't find out how to do it. I'd like to be able to fill a CListCtrl with a set of data, then filter to show only a subset by hiding all those items not in the subset. Also, GetEditControl() implies (to me at least) that I can get a CEdit ... 9 May 2008 11:29
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