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unique number for a system
Hi, I want to fetch a unique ID for a system so for that I want to get the following: 1.OS Serial Number 2.CPU Serial Number or any other way to generate a unique ID for a system? Please help me.. Thanks ... 6 Mar 2010 06:24
A little question
Using secured version of 'strcpy()' I need to use 'strcpy_s()' version and there lies my problem. In my function I need to copy the result in a char type which is passed to function. I pass a 'char addr[256]' but on my final step function: 'strcpy_s(addr, sizeof(addr), result)' the sizeof operator returns '4' and ... 6 Mar 2010 06:24
excel automation excel8.h/cpp
have been using excel automation for several years without any problems and use the excel8.h and excel8.cpp files that were generated by Visual C++ ages ago (probably with Excel 97). Everything works except that these files have nothing in them about AddIns (Maybe addins only added as a feature after Excel 97)... 5 Mar 2010 08:20
VS 2010 is cheaper
A while ago, we were bemoaning the loss of VS 2010 Standard, and the price of VS 2008 Professional (presumably with a free upgrade to 2010) was something like $1500 USD. Now there are new VS 2010 prices. 4 Apr 2010 00:43
IDE Issues
David Ching wrote: "Joseph M. Newcomer" <newcomer(a)> wrote in message news:efuso5d4o4g6sed51o39hvq5ef71l93op5(a) Actually, the file menu doesn't give full information, either. BTW, the Start Page gives the full path in the status bar at the bottom as you mouse over the pro... 6 Mar 2010 01:04
Add line numbering on crichedit control
step 1 :----- SendMessage( hRichEdit, EM_SETMARGINS, EC_LEFTMARGIN, 70 ); step 2 :------ case WM_COMMAND: switch( HIWORD(wParam) ){ case EN_UPDATE: hRichEdit = FindWindowEx( hwnd, NULL, "RichEdit20A", NULL ); hdc = GetDC( hRichEdit ); makeLineNumber( hRichEdit, hdc ); ... 4 Mar 2010 01:17
Converting a 24-bit bitmap (with 256 unique colors) to an 8-bit bitmap without changing the colors???
I carefully constructed a 24-bit bitmap to have exactly 256 unique colors. I converted this bitmap to use an optimized 8-bit palette retaining the exact same 256 colors using an image editor. I compared all of these images to the original using the BeyondCompare diff tool, they all has identical pixels. CIma... 4 Mar 2010 16:58
Square shaped balloon tips.
Hi, Please suggest me what I can do to display square shaped balloon tips and with controls in them. Thanks. ... 4 Mar 2010 08:58
A question of dynamically moving controls (Drag and Drop)
Hello again folks, I am having a little issue with this and would appreciate any thoughts. I have an application where I have a number of button controls that the User can drag and drop around the screen. This works fine. The dropped positions are saved in the registry and when the User opens the application ag... 4 Mar 2010 00:12
GetDIBits() from GDI+ Bitmap ???
Does anyone know how to do this? ... 3 Mar 2010 08:27
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