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CArray of stdext::hash_map<int,int> not possible ( access violation ) ?
Hello, Adam wrote: It is not my production code, it's just a code snippet to reproduce actual behaviour. Now I have even simpler one : typedef stdext::hash_map<int,int> MAP; I found that when I add one element everything is ok : CArray<MAP> test; MAP item; test.Add( item ); test.R... 11 Mar 2010 04:34
Turning on ClearType for TextOut() ???
Apparently Microsoft has changed the rules for Windows 7. ClearType font smoothing is set to on for the whole system, and yet TextOut() is not using ClearType. How can I force TextOut() to produce ClearType glyph rendering? ... 18 Mar 2010 13:01
Preventing memory and resource leaks with GDI Objects ???
I am have built a general purpose bitmap/image handling class and want to add TextOut() capability to this class. To do this I must convert some of my GDI local function variables into GDI object member variables. This means that I must be able to re-use several GDI objects, instead of constructing them and d... 19 Mar 2010 13:14
Posting 60 messages per second to CView locks up UI (animation continues...)
Hi, As recommended by Jerry and Scott in this newsgroups, I experimented with CreateTimerQueueTimer and PostMessage(WM_APP_...) to drive animations in a CView derived window. I have 2 types of animations: GDI based and Direct3D based. I noticed that Direct3D based animations were really smooth when I ran t... 17 Mar 2010 17:26
Socket connection error - 10061
Hi All. I guess this a configuration issue, but maybe not... I wrote a simple sockets client and server apps. The server gets a request from the client, fulfills it and sends an ack back to the client. The problem is that this works only when the client and server are on the same machine. When they are ... 10 Mar 2010 22:02
[Q] CTabCtrl/CBitmapButton: custom color for the WHOLE background
Hello, i read several articles on codeproject about owner drawn controls, specifically for changing the background and text colors of MFC controls. This works, except for CTabCtrls and CBitmapButtons. CTabCtrl: i can change text/background for the entries (text) in the tabctrl, and also for the tabs. But the f... 10 Mar 2010 10:50
CArray of stdext::hash_map<int,int> not possible ( access violation ) ?
Hello, I have problems using CArray<> with hash_map<>. What's wrong with the following code ? class A { A() {} A( const A& ) {} ~A() {} void operator=( const A& ) {} stdext::hash_map<int,int> m_member; }; .... A item; CArray<A> test; test.Add( item ); test.Add( item ); test.RemoveAll(); // ... 16 Mar 2010 22:07
about changing dialog box property at run time
I am launching a dialog box from an application through a exported function fro a dll. I want to keep context help button (near top right corner near close button) depending some input parameter i.e want to change property of dialog box at run time. How I can get this thing done? ... 10 Mar 2010 22:02
Bug in Grid Lines in CListCtrl Report View
Hi, This thing is again annoying me! whenever I display the grid lines using LVS_EX_GRIDLINES , there are problems when scrolling the CListCtrl at once , the grid lines seem to loose their position and thus generating a blurred view or sometimes just disappear temporarily. Have anyone else faced the sam... 8 Mar 2010 15:18
MapVirtualKey in different languages
Dear people, I'm using MapVirtualKey to map virtual keys to actual key codes. (How) is it possible to select the keyboard layout, for example, having the function return a key code 90 ("z") for a "German" layout and 88 ("y") for an "English" layout when the scan code is 21 in both cases? TIA! ... 9 Mar 2010 03:29
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