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show Image with CImage - Debug assertion failed
Hi, I tried to show a png Image using CImage ( Visual Studio 2008 prof ) It works pretty good, but only in Release Mode. If I run it in Debug Mode there is a Message: "Debug Assertion Failed! Program: ....[..]\application.exe File: g:[...]\atlimage.h Line: 503 Expression: m_hbitmap == 0 [..] if... 20 Feb 2010 01:29
Changing default of static control
I want to change the size of the font in my static control. I get the current font, and reset its height as shown below, but it does not have the desired affect. The font size does increase but not consistently. For example, if I increase the font hieght by 10, it actually shows a smaller size than the original... 17 Feb 2010 04:30
Overloaded constructor issues in MFC Dialogs
Thus far, I have been creating classes that have objects in the header file. E.g., I might create a dialog box class, and in the *.h file for the dialog box class, I have instantiated various objects, such as tab controls or list controls, etc. So the dialog class “has-a” list control, for instance. However,... 16 Feb 2010 07:32
Access Database CRecordset problem
Hello, I have an MFC application that uses a MS Access database. I declare a CDatabase object and pass a connection string. The database Opens OK. I declare two recordset objects, and the two recordsets Open OK. I pass a NULL value, when I open the two recordsets. The problem occurs, when I try to open a seco... 16 Feb 2010 12:57
"requireAdministrator" in Manifest file
Hi, I use the XML sample shown in the section: "Building and Embedding a Manifest with Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005 for Windows XP and Windows Vista Applications" (from to create a manifest file and use it in Additional Manifest Files in the Project Pr... 16 Feb 2010 00:27
Off to MVP Summit!
See you all next weekend! joe Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP] email: newcomer(a) Web: MVP Tips: ... 10 Mar 2010 14:14
CreateProcess(...) issue,...
Hi, since i am not a big CreateProcess(...) user, this problem bothers me a little: I wanted to start "taskmgr.exe" from another application (running elevated, means the creator runs elevated and starts taskmgr.exe elevated too) but it fails with 2 (File not Found). Thats what the call looks like: BOOL _r... 14 Feb 2010 18:32
Icons in Menus
Hi, I want to add icons to Menu Subitems.. please help me. Thanks ... 15 Feb 2010 14:21
How well can TextOut() handle Unicode?
Can I simply specify the UTF-16 string and the glyphs will display correctly, if the selected font has those glyphs defined? ... 13 Feb 2010 03:54
Thread Deadlock Problem.
Hello all, I did a dialog application with an utility class with 2 working threads in it that are calling callback functions of the xxxdlg class. Thead A is my main working thread. This thread his waiting on 2 events : 1- Quit Event 2- Optional callback call Event This thread is calling a callback function ... 20 Feb 2010 09:07
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