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Get OWA to use
Hey all, This is driving me crazy. I just want to have OWA use http(s):// I have created a DNS record for the address pointing to the IP of my Exchange box and now it just won't connect without an error. Basically, it asks for credentials (no forms based auth enabled yet) and then just erro... 30 Jun 2010 17:36
can an administrator of exchange view or store emails?
in my business I get several complaints about upper management ranging from small stuff to lawyer related items. can the administrator view or store my confidential email???? --- frmsrcurl: ... 30 Jun 2010 00:00
Exch2007: Server-side mailbox rules still run with account di
Thanks all. As for the legitimate reason for allowing rules on mailboxes, I'd agree. Resource mailboxes should certainly allow rules to be run while disabled. User mailboxes... I don't agree with. Since Exchange 2007 differentiates between the two, I see it as a flaw. Thanks for the rest of suggestions. W... 29 Jun 2010 17:25
need your help.
Hi all, If you have two same weight(preference) MX records, will inbound emails load-balance each other? if one fails, will it relay mails to the second one? If you have two smart hosts on the connector, will it automatically load-balance each other? thank you. ... 2 Jul 2010 17:58
please help: pop3 connector does not deliver mails
hello, i have trouble with sbs2003 server and exchange. everything was working fine about 3 years (until last week problem occured). i searched for any help on internet but still can not solve. my problem is with pop3 connector. it recieves mails from isp but does not deliver to the user mailboxes. event log repo... 29 Jun 2010 19:38
Two-Factor Authentication - Exchange 2010
Is there any documentation that you can point me to for configuring Outlook Anywhere and/or Outlook Web App for two-factor authentication? I am only able to read that two-factor authentication is possible, but I cannot find anything on how to configure Exchange for it. I appreciate any direction that you can ... 29 Jun 2010 08:33
Constant HTTP traffic between BE and FE serer
Hello, wondering if you were able to resolve this issue. I am experiencing the same problem and was wondering if you would share with me what you did to resolve this. Thank you Razmikv url: ... 29 Jun 2010 07:27
OWA/Exchange 2007 SP3 Password Change Update
Can anyone confirm the following please: 1. If the new password feature (module) installs and operates on IIS6? ie W2K3 SP2 R2 2. Does it support the following: 2.1 Passwords that have already expired 2.2 AD - user must change password at next logon 2.3 Extended ASCII characters (symbols, non alphanumeric... 30 Jun 2010 07:35
Reminder - Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Community
What is Happening? This message is to inform you that Microsoft will soon begin discontinuing newsgroups and transitioning users to Microsoft forums. Why? As you may know, newsgroups have existed for many years now; however, the traffic in the Microsoft newsgroups has been steadily decreasing for the past sev... 29 Jun 2010 04:11
Hide mailboxes where Forwarding Address is set
Hello, I need script to Exchange Server 2007, that hide mailboxes where Forwarding Address is set. Can someone help me? Thanks ... 30 Jun 2010 01:06
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