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External emails sitting in outbox
Good morning, I've got a really strange issue that I can't get to the bottom of. Basically if I send an external email it will sit in the outbox and not go anywhere, however if I then send another external email it's sent no problem, but the first still sits in the outbox. If I delete the email from the outbox... 28 Jun 2010 06:16
Attachment Disappear in Email from specific address
Hello, I have problem with one of my email that I got occasionally. This Email contains regular PDF attachment (Without Password). For some reason the size of the email is 1000KB, but there no indicate for the PDF file inside the email! When I forward this email from my outlook to my Gmail I got it right (With ... 28 Jun 2010 03:02
Deploying Exchange 2010 on 2000 AD
Hello: I currently have a 2000 AD network. I need to deploy Exchange 2010 as soon as I can. With my 2000 AD this is not possible. Due to my need to deploy quickly I was thinking I could do the following: 1. Deploy a 2008 AD 2. Create a trust relationshipe between the 2000 & 2008 domains 3. Deploy Exchang... 27 Jun 2010 21:37
I need help with OWA
in owa exchange 2003 no show body message, but yes display in fordward and reply. ... 27 Jun 2010 17:12
������ ����� ������ ... 27 Jun 2010 04:11
Spam being sent from Exchange 2007
Exchange 2007 with Outlook 2007. I have a user that had hundred's of emails sent out at 3am from her account. I can track them in my Exchange tracking logs and I see them in the users Spam allowed folder, which automatically adds any users that are sent email to the users white list. I do not see them in the Sent i... 30 Jun 2010 10:54
change display name
Hi all, Exchange 2003 /windows 2003 envir. Currently, we have users show as First name last name in our GAL. If we want to show users as Last name, First name, where should I change for all lists in the GAL? Thank you. ... 25 Jun 2010 23:02
Exch2007: Server-side mailbox rules still run with account disabled
Hi, It looks like this may be alarming be an alarming flaw in Exchange security at least for my company's processes in regards to term'ed employee mailboxes. If somebody sets up a server-side rule that forwards all their incoming to an external address, that rule stays active even after disabling the mailbox. ... 25 Jun 2010 17:36
Migration from Exch2003 --> 2010
I have questions to anyone who has migrated to 2010 and coexisted for a period of time with 2003. The 'Exchange Server Deployment Assistant' states "..create a legacy DNS host name so your legacy Exchange environment...can coexist". Why can't I keep my current host name and create new ones for 2010 access? ... 25 Jun 2010 12:06
OWA 2007 - Password changes
Hi All Would someone be so kind to clarify the password changing issues for OWA2007 for me please? OWA 2007 on backend Exchange 2007 (separate servers). OWA running on W2K3 SP2 R2 IIS6 and using Forms based security. We would like to enable expired and change password at next logon feature through OWA, A... 28 Jun 2010 05:11
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