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Exchange 2007 problem replying or forwarding certain emails through OWA
This is a weird one, hoping for some guidance. I have a strictly OWA user reporting issues trying to forward/reply certain emails that are in his Sent Items folder. I'm able to duplicate the issue here from a completely different PC. The vast majority of emails seem fine, but when replying/forwarding some of the e... 16 Jun 2010 15:29
Exchange 2007 Auto-completes to Primary SMTP - How to change?
Hi, This appears to be different in the way Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2003 auto-complete addresses for Outlook users, and it's causing a problem for my organization. We are a software company, so we have different support addresses for our products that are all just email addresses associated with our "Suppor... 16 Jun 2010 15:29
Masquerade Domain
Check ur primary email address in your Recipient policy since when the receiving end checking the sending domain name it could not verify the internal mail domain since u r using different domain internally. When they hit reply the default email domain after @ is still the internal and could not be delivered from outsi... 16 Jun 2010 01:17
Dynamic distribution list based on direct reports??
Exchange 2007 Is it possible to create a dynamic distribution list for each staff that reports to a specific manager?? ... 22 Jun 2010 18:16
Ipad to exchange from outside the local network. Options?
On Jun 14, 10:11 pm, "John Oliver, Jr. [MVP]" <jcolive...(a)> wrote: Both iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad support Exchange Activesync, you will need a third party commercial certificate to secure communications ( I recommend Go Daddy SSL Cert).  I am providing link to install third party cert on SBS. ... 16 Jun 2010 14:23
Disappearing Content in Outlook
Hello, I have an operational Exchange 2010 and my clients run Outlook 2007. My problem is that a few clients complain that sometimes content of random folders disappears and if they change between folders or arrange them differently they come back. It might take some time till the content of a folder comes ... 15 Jun 2010 14:18
Two businsess merging (two exchanges)
Hi Guys, I have a business that is merging with another business. Eventually everyone is going to be on a new domain, but for the time being I have to do something to bridge the gap. Both customers are running Windows 2003 with Exchange servers. They are buying a new domain for email, and I was going to link bot... 15 Jun 2010 15:25
Your problem is a LocalLoopback Disable it Why? Do it it works. And install Exchange 2007 SP2. Disable Loopback Check HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Lsa Dword value: DisableLoopbackCheck Value data (Decimal): 00000001 Why? An issue has been found on Enterprise Vault servers that have been configured w... 15 Jun 2010 06:31
Exchange 2003 mailbox size
SBS2003 R2 running Exchange: I need to increase the size of a mailbox above 2G (I know there are admin issues with >2G but needs must). If I try and increase the mailbox size setting on the user account or mailbox store properties etc I get a max 2G warning dialogue! Is this due to using cache'd mode? Is ... 15 Jun 2010 17:39
RPC/HTTPS Exchange 2010 Environment
I am new to Exchange 2010 and have had a group of consultants install our current environment. For most users RPC/HTTPS is working just fine on Outlook 2007/2010. For others their network accounts are constantly getting locked out. We are also running on a Windows server 2008 domain. I am not sure where to star... 16 Jun 2010 23:14
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