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Changing a motherboard on a server
I have a custom built Windows 2003 Small Business Server. This in the only DC and it runs Exchange 2k3 and acts as a file/print server. The motherboard has a few capacitors that are blown. I can not get the same motherboard so i will have to use a different one. The server has an adaptec sata raid card. The 3 ... 2 Jul 2010 05:51
mailbox resources in ESM
One KB article I read mentioned "to view mailbox resources in ESM". Is it the view when you click on mailbox which showing - Last logged on By, Size, Total items and Last logon time? If not, how to get it? Also, in Exchange 5.5 the admin program whill show you the size and # of items for each folder, such as... 2 Jul 2010 17:58
audit a single mailbox logon
I know how to enable the logging at the server level which will be for all mailboxes on the server. But I don't need that except for just one maillbox. Is there a way to do that? Thanks. ... 30 Jun 2010 19:50
EX2010 Edge Transport Outbound Only?
I've already got an AV/anti-spam system for inbound mail. Can I configure an ET server for outbound mail only? What kind of functions/features would an Edge Transport server give me if it's only processing outbound mail? -Mike ... 2 Jul 2010 15:45
RPC over Http
hello, I have deployed RPC over HTTP users amplifiers configured but not connected and always ask for the password, the user not autenticate. Sorry for my write. Thank. ... 1 Jul 2010 16:43
New Exchange 2007 server - hardware specs
Hi all, Rookie Exchange Admin here. Looking to purchase new hardware for Exchange backend box - to replace outgoing 2003 Dell 2500 box. Do the following specs look kosher? (for 100 user environment, 130GB mail store, 90 local/10 remote users): Anyone have any suggested changes/improvements - ie: is 512MB sta... 1 Jul 2010 16:43
Which has the problem with delaying
Hi all, Exchange 2003 envir. We have one appliance to accept the email for our domain and relay to our exchange servers. But, one user received one message 7 days later. I called appliance vendor and tracked the message which received and delivered it to exchange server on 6/20/2010. But, the user receiv... 30 Jun 2010 13:08
Installing Exchange 2010 issue
I am going to test Exchange 2010.... I installed Server 2008 R2 on to a machine....installed all updates. Installed DNS Installed IIS During teh Install of Exchange, i get 2 problems and cannont go any further. When it is doing the "Readiness Checks" it fails on the Client Role Prerequisites" #1 Unable to... 30 Jun 2010 12:01
SenderID Exchange 2010/2007
We are having the same issue receving emails from IP address for, who also include in their records. Microsoft bug? Someone needs to report it! -- Chris Hill ICT Technician - Colchester Royal Grammar School "Alex111" wrote: Thanks for your answer. Seem... 30 Jun 2010 08:41
No external incoming mail for specific users
Hi all, I have two exchange 2003 SP2 servers. Some new users with mail boxes on server 1 do not recieve external email ie from outside our domain. All users recieve internal email. If I move a faulty mailbox to server b, all their external email comes into their mail box. I noticed an excess of log files und... 30 Jun 2010 14:16
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