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Tentative Meetings not showing up
I work for a major bank and we are having a problem with one of our PA's, where she is a delegate for her boss and she gets his meeting requests sent only to her. The problem is that most of them go into her boss' calendar as tentative (without her actioning them) without a problem, but the odd one doesn't. I c... 12 May 2010 13:38
Search Shared Calendar
I work in an office with doctors and clinicians. The clinicians' clients see both, the clinicians and the doctors. The doctors manage their own schedules and have shared them with the clinicians with editor permissions. When a clinician meets with a client, they want to be able to search through the doc's sc... 12 May 2010 13:38
I have a message in my outbox I want to delete, it won't let me
Please tell me how to delete message in my outbox. The recipients are getting it 20-30 times and I cannot delete it. ... 12 May 2010 13:38
Can I use mail in Outlook as just a front end for hotmail?
I use a hotmail account (live office) for all of my email and access through hotmail, computer and iphone. Currently, I have to delete each piece of junk mail 3 times before it is gone, and I get a ton. Is there anyway to use outlook as just a front end to hotmail, without it downloading the mail to my comput... 12 May 2010 15:53
2007 Outlook Creating folder when saving a HTML email with attachm
In Outlook 2007, when you open an email that is in HTML format with an attachment and want to save the email and attachment (specifically to a network drive), you click on File, Save As (not Save Attachments), it creates the email message as a HTML document, but there is no attachment in that document. It als... 12 May 2010 13:38
All emails are going to my junk email box
I have Outlook 2007 with Vista OS. All of my emails are going to my junk email box. I have my settings at minimum or none. I have reset my email account. What can be done. ... 12 May 2010 15:53
Outlook Personal Folders Backup Tool?
You can configure Personal Folder Backup Tool to put the backup on another drive, even to a Network Drive if you Map the drive to a letter. I´ve never tried to put the Backup on a UNC-path, but you never know.. It might work! //Ulv "Lou Messina" wrote: There is an optional "Outlook Personal Folders Backu... 13 May 2010 03:59
Logo in signature sent from Outlook 2003 partially seen inOutlook
I have create a signature block in Outlook 2003 that contains a .jpg logo. When I send emails containing this signature block to Outlook 2007 users, only the bottom portion displays (it is equal to the line height of the text above or below it). Why can I see the signature completely with Outlook 2003 users and... 12 May 2010 12:31
prompt to file mail
is there a way to get outlook to prompt a user to file a sent message? also prior to upgrading to exchange 2010, I was using public folders as a collabrative mail store for various projects, so we had a folder called live jobs, and then a number of sub folders listed by the job number so for example jh242, j... 12 May 2010 11:23
Business Contact Manager
Can you guide me to the Forum for Business Contact Manager? I upgraded from Office Suite 2007 incl BCM07 to Office Suite 2010. The only BCM 2010 is beta. I'm having difficulties installing the Beta version with the release versions of Office Suite 2007 (visio, project, publisher, and basic Office Pro) T... 12 May 2010 15:53
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