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Outlook 2000 Application Failure Event ID 1000
I'm running Windows XP and recently started receiving the following message when starting Outlook. The main Outlook window appear, folders and such are shown, the application takes a long time, then the error message pops up. Safe mode does not prevent the error. The error message displayed is "Microsoft O... 30 May 2010 14:21
Corrupt Calendar
Hi all. I did a search, but only found a post from 2002. Since I'm using Outlook 2007, figured I should post. Outlook opens ok. Had to use an old .pst file though, as my current one wouldn't allow Outlook to open. Oh, and I did a repair on my Microsoft office too. Inbox, Tasks and Contacts now works, but if... 30 May 2010 14:21
why letters don't print when typed
When typing email, the letters don't print, or even the space bar doesn't react until multiple tries. ... 30 May 2010 16:31
Outlook 'compact' often does nothing, just blinks once & stops
When it does work, it usually takes a few minutes to complete. But lately, the control button shows for about 2 seconds, then goes off. There should be plenty of compacting to do because I have cleaned out lots of old emails from the Deleted folder. It has certainly worked in the past. ... 30 May 2010 12:11
Synchronizing Outlook 2010 and a Windows Mobile smartphone
I'm running Windows 7 64-bits (French version). I found that after installing Office 2010 64-bits (also French version), the Windows Mobile Data center will no longer "see" the synchronization partnership. After searching for a solution, I found out that WMDC will *not* be upgraded to support 64-bit Outlook, wh... 30 May 2010 11:06
one or more active x control could not be displayed
On my brand new computer, I installed Office 2003 and when trying to do an email where I am copying word file, I get an error message (like I did on my old ancient computer) One of more active x controls could not be displayed becasue either your security settings prohibit running active X controls on this page... 30 May 2010 11:06
What happened to the original MS Games solitaire? Much missed!
The message is in the subject. M ... 30 May 2010 14:21
How do I insert a hanswritten signature in email
I get emails with handwritten signatures. I would like to do the same thing but don't get any meaningful help from Office Help. ... 30 May 2010 00:27
Outlook 2007 - Email Message Truncated on Receipt
I have a PoP email account with an ISP and routinely have received an email from a listserve for several years. I recently upgraded from Office 2003 Standard to Office 2007. Since the upgrade, I no longer receive the email from the listserve in its entirety, i.e. only a portion of the body of the email is vie... 29 May 2010 13:34
My inbox is no longer divided into my various accounts.
I have three separate accounts and my inbox usually has a heading for each followed by the mails I have received in that account. This afternoon I came back to my computer and all my mails were in one list, sorted by subject. I've changed the sorting back to date, but I've lost the account headings. Mails fr... 29 May 2010 11:23
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