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How do I change the background color of Pane views in Outlook?
All of the sudden all the pane views have white color background. I believe it was light gray before. How to change it back. ... 27 May 2010 18:11
how do I define a rule that forwards an email alert to my cell ph.
Outlook's online help states that you can setup an email to forward to your cell phone, but how do I specify my cell phone as an email address? Other users on the Exchange Server have done this and I would like to as well. ... 27 May 2010 18:11
Delete Duplicate Emails, Outlook 2003 PST, Gmail.
I see there are multiple 3rd party plugins to delete duplicate items in Outlook but most are $payware. Question: Is there any official Microsoft approved tool to detect/delete multiple items in Outlook; such as the 'Sysinternals' suite of tools? I discovered that using IMAP (as suggested) to sync with Gmail ... 28 May 2010 23:36
Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook.Cannot open the Outlook wind
The message when I try to open my Outlook 2007 after it flashes open for a second is "Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window." My only choice is "ok" Aggh. I cannot use my Outlook any more and all my important emails are on it. I am now using a fallback on my servers we... 27 May 2010 18:11
Outlook Freezes
I am using the 2010 Beta Office Outlook and when downloading a lot of email, outlook freezes and I have to reboot my computer in order to stop the process and regain access to Outlook. This seems to only happen when I first start working for the day which of course is when I have the most mail to download. I ... 28 May 2010 11:34
Saving e-mail addresses
How do I save e-mail addresses from persons I reply to on Outlook? Outlook Express auto-saved any address that I replied to. Outlook does not and doesn't find addresses of people I have e-mailed numerous times. I do not want to add everyone I e-mail to my Outlook contacts. Thank you. ... 27 May 2010 18:11
How can I import Outlook messages from a hard drive folder?
Discovered after deleting backup.pst from an external hard drive that my import to Outlook 2007 did not complete. However, there are intact Outlook folders--including messages--on that external drive. How can I import those folders, with contents, since they are not in any import format Outlook recognizes? ... 27 May 2010 18:11
outlook window will not open
When opening Outlook the Outlook screen flashes then closes and I get the following message. "Can not open Microsoft Office Outlook. Can not open the Outlook Window." The only option given at this point is to close the message box. I have tried uninstalling Office Professional/2007 and reinstalling. I am runnin... 27 May 2010 17:05
error 0x80004005 and error 8004102A (Error with send/receive)
I have got the following error when synchronizing with my hotmail account, error 80004005 (network operation failed) and error 8004102A (Error with Send/Receive). can someone help me on how to fix this problem. all my other emails accounts linked to the outlook works fine but just the hotmail account ... 28 May 2010 10:27
Email mail merge using Word 2003 and Outlook 2003
I initiated an email merge from Word 2003 and everything works fine till I click O.K. in the Merge to Email box. The computer "works" like it is sending the messages to Outlook 2003 but they are never sent. It seems to be a problem of Outlook and Word not properly working together?? How do I solve this probl... 27 May 2010 17:05
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