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I can't send emails
I don't have problems with receiving mails, but after sending mails I get the message: "554 5.7.0 Reject, id=16822-12 - Message refused, this message appears to be spam" In the menu options/preference/junkmail, I unticked the box about postmarking message, I entered the mail addresses on the Safe Senders L... 2 Jun 2010 05:29
Outlook Connector problems/ Unable to connect
Hi - I've searched for this problem and haven't found a thread with an anwer. Please help as I am at my wit's end with this issue. I have a desktop and a laptop running Vista and Outlook 2007. I have been using Outlook Connector to manage several msn email accounts on both. About a week ago, I could no lo... 1 Jun 2010 14:12
How to delete 551 error messages
I am getting this error on OL 2007 as I have not authenticated the mail server. Since they are of a private nature, I do not want to authenticate it until these messages are deleted. How can I find or remove them? ... 2 Jun 2010 05:29
Can't compose new mail in Outlook 2007
I installed Office 2007. When I try to compose a new message, the warning "not implemented" appears. Same thing happens when I hit "Send/Receive." I tried to repair the installation from Control Panel but problem remains. What should I do? Using Win7 OS. ... 1 Jun 2010 13:06
Outlook Calendar Appt save problem
If I have an appt on the calendar that I set up and have a few attendees that have already received the initial invite and I edit some content in the invite, it will not allow me to just save it like 2003 did. It forces me to either send out the updated invite or cancel my changes. I haven't changed anything ... 1 Jun 2010 13:06
Emails suddently in Deleted Items
Hello to all. I have a problem with Outlook 2003 and I cant find the answer anywhere on the internet. The person who have this problem is very organised. His email are in multiple folders and subfolders. One day, suddenly, a bunch of his email are in the Deleted Item. I cant see a link between them. And the email... 2 Jun 2010 08:44
In Outlook 2007, when I look at other people's schedules (Plan a Meeting or Scheduling Assistant), it now shows all 24 hours a day. Since I seldom schedule meetings at 3 AM, I'd like the default to be my work hours but see no setting for this. Can it be changed? [Yes, this is my third posting about defaults in Ou... 3 Jun 2010 15:41
Modifying built-in paragraph styles
In Outlook 2003, a Word template was supposed to apply to messages. I never got it to work very well, but in Outlook 2007, I don't see any way to alter the default styles. I'd like the default paragraph style to include a 6-pt space after it. Is there still a template that we can change? -- Christopher Brewster... 1 Jun 2010 11:59
Changing default "save as" format
The default format for Save As on my Outlook (Office 2007, XP) is HTML. I don't know why this would be useful for anyone, but it isn't for me, and it creates lots of extra files. I'd like the default to be MSG format but the Help system doesn't show a way to change this default. (All it mentions is the option to sa... 1 Jun 2010 11:59
How can I generate a letter from an Outlook 2003 appointment scree
I many times have to send confirmations of appointments by snail mail. Is there a way to automate this process, by having the persons name and address automatically entered on a letter format? Can this interface with WORD? ... 1 Jun 2010 11:59
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