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Outlook 2010 Error - Cannot move the items. v1f4 OK [COPYUID XXXX
Happened first with a computer I had office 2010 beta installed. Now I installed in a virtual machine, where no other office products were installed. Happens only in IMAP when attempting to move a file from inbox to say "my created folder". My exchange account in the same inbox is fine. I've even tri... 27 May 2010 22:33
Just set up outlook
I just set up outlook to use my yahoo account. I dont like that my emails are no longer going to my cell phone or my yahoo account, if accessed directly through the internet. How can I change the email address being used for outlook? ... 28 May 2010 06:05
Users are asked for Outlook (or MS Communicator) login every morni
We're running Outlook 2007, Communicator 2007, and Exchange 2007. Each morning our XP users are prompted for their domain user credentials to log into Outlook/MS Communicator. We believe it's the integration between Communicator & Outlook, but we're not 100% sure. If a user shuts down both Outlook & MOC at ni... 27 May 2010 21:29
error message 646
can't install updates for outlook. Keep getting error message 646. What is it? ... 27 May 2010 22:33
Outlook keeps switching to the Windows desktop
I have user who, when in Outlook, is performing a task such as double-clicking an email in his inbox, or clicking "new" to compose a new email, is experiencing a very quick switching to the windows desktop. After a very brief pause he is returned back to the Outlook task he was working on. Any suggestions on w... 28 May 2010 10:27
Outlook 2007 message in Chinese
Some of my messages arrive in Chinese however they are in Englsih on webmail and on my blackberry. I need English! Any suggestions? ... 27 May 2010 18:11
Outlook 2007 - Print a single page of a multi-page email
thanks for your help, but in some message "view in browser" button option does not come, i think it is because they message is not in html "Mustafa Ansari" wrote: Use Internet Explorer to print HTML messages If the e-mail message is in the HTML format, print the message in Internet Explorer. To do this... 3 Jun 2010 05:40
can't reply or forward mail...must copy into new message to send
Send and receive works fine as long as I create the email but if I reply or forward emails, they won't send. I have to copy to a new email for it to send??? ... 28 May 2010 11:34
How do I save a message as a form to send at different times?
I'm in HR, and when new hires come on board, I have a standard email that goes out. Is there a way of saving this on my computer without have to save it to a folder after sending everytime? Is there a form or something? ... 28 May 2010 10:27
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