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Coloring a Sender's Name in Outlook 2010
I'm wondering how to automatically color a sender's name in Outlook 2010. I can assign it to a color category but that only displays when the sender's email is highlighted. If possible, I'd like the user's name to appear in red (for example) in my inbox list. Can anyone help? Thanks!! ... 1 Jun 2010 17:32
Cannot open the Outlook window
"guymaine" <guymaine(a)> wrote in message news:F01D2DED-470E-44CB-B856-160ACABFA741(a) All of these messages apply to me except that outlook.exe/ resetnavpane does not work. Installed two updates three days ago. Everything fine until a couple of hours ago. Try... 1 Jun 2010 08:39
Outlook should keep files in the clipboard after closing a window
When you open a message (in a new window) in Outlook 2007, and copy one or more files contained in this message, and then close the window, the file is not kept in the clipboard. I have to copy the file and paste it before closing the window. ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Micro... 31 May 2010 17:30
Outlook crashed when I closed it
Where is "Start" in Win7? "Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]" wrote: "Caroline WR" <Caroline WR(a)> wrote in message news:0A677FFF-925E-41C6-BEA7-F38CD380613A(a) My computer is a Dell XPS with Office professional 2007 - includes Outlook 2007. operting system Wind... 31 May 2010 17:30
Have tried everything to open Outlook 07. Running Win7 and Office Pro 2007. Cannot open in Safe Mode. Cannot change switch to Outlook.exe/ resetnavpane. Nothing works. One suggestion was to disable Add-Ins. Don't know where/what that is in outlook. I would pay for the support if I knew where to get it :) ... 31 May 2010 11:58
cannot start microsoft office outlook. cannot open the outlook
OK, let's assume the Windows logo is the "Start" button, it still doesn't work. "seeburt" wrote: Windows 7 doesn't have the RUN tab. Has anyone fixed this with Windows 7 "Gordon" wrote: "kevin0854" <kevin0854(a)> wrote in message news:5F8B05ED-588D-40FC-9715-17... 31 May 2010 14:11
I configured news group in outlook 2003 but couldn't see it
I configured news group in outlook 2003 following the Help. I didn't finish the server configuration and see all news subscribed. However after I closed the configuration, I couldn't see the Go => News menu. What's worse is that the Customize Command panel, the "News" command is available in the "Go" Categorie... 31 May 2010 17:30
MS Office 2010 - Macro as Toolbar/Quick Access Icon
Hi there I have written a Macro for which I wish to create a hotkey/shortcut for. In previous versions of Office, I were able to add a '&' next to the letter on a toolbar or menu item. However in Office 2007/2010, this doesn't appear to be the case. Could anyone help me and advise how I can add a hotkey f... 31 May 2010 10:52
Can't get my e-mails, error number 0x800C0133
Okay. Same, same for me, with a twist. I started deleting my inbox, hundreds, and my inbox miraculously reappeared, including all the current incoming messages that had accumulated in my webmail. Great, right? No. That evening, last Friday, when I went back to my Outlook Express inbox...IT WAS EMPTY! Yes,... 1 Jun 2010 08:39
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