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How do I cancel the highlight around a journal item in Outlook
I hope this question is clear! I keep a journal in Outlook, categorising my different kinds of content (i.e. my diary, food diary, exercise diary, etc)under 'types', and every now and again you find an entry has a highlight, which is perpetuated for ever down the years. This creates a division between the ite... 5 Jun 2010 02:48
Outlook install only
Using Win Vista and have the Office Pro 2007 software. Can I install Outlook only w/o installing the rest of the office components, e.g., Word, Power Point, Exel, etc.? Thanks ... 6 Jun 2010 00:33
Outlook 2007 Mail Merge to Labels
A friend just purchased a new computer , and Outlook 2007 ( not Office). She likes to print mailing labels and commented today that ' most ' of the label templates are missing ? My guess is that Outlook uses Word and it's templates to create the merge document and that's why the ' missing' Avery templates are... 5 Jun 2010 01:44
Why does Outlook say it is sending five messages when I only s
i have a similar problem, sometimes it says i am sending more messages than others but it doesnt correspond with the number of email accounts i have. for instance, this morning i have no messages to send, but it says its sending 4. i have 3 email accounts. other times it adds just one mystery message. did you f... 7 Jun 2010 09:40
Why are my emails stuck in my outbox?
Every once in a while my emails get stuck in the outbox. I deleted the outgoing email, prepared another but still the same problem. ... 4 Jun 2010 21:24
Operation Failed. Object Cannot Be Found.
Running Outlook 2007 with all the current updates. When I try to do a manual send/receive, the message at the bottom of the screen says "Send/Receive Failed. Task 'jan(a)' reported error [0x8004010). The operation failed. The object cannot be found." My email goes through GoDaddy's hosted exc... 4 Jun 2010 20:18
Trace emails with no headers
How do I trace emails with no headers that are in my inbox. I suspect someone wiped out the sender's information and message contents before I could see it. Could these be viruses disguised as emails? ... 5 Jun 2010 02:48
Clear a sender so that messages are not quarantined
I have an external contact on a project and when he sends messages they are quarantined. I've clicked on the wrong link in the quarantine notification to clear the user and instead have just released the messages. How can I otherwise verify this source? ... 5 Jun 2010 02:48
0X8007000E Out of memory ...
When I try to use OuLook 2007 I get the following message: Send/Receive Error: Out of memory or system resourcres. How can I resolve this error? ... 7 Jun 2010 15:30
How do I send an email to everyone in a contact folder?
I just want to send one email to everyone in a contact folder with others seeing who is getting it. ... 5 Jun 2010 01:44
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