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Bill Graham wrote:

> One of the chief, "loopholes" is to simply register your business in some
> other country, and I haven't got the faintest idea what the hell the US
> government can do about that. Any more than they can keep people like
> Elizabeth Taylor from living in Ireland, where artists income taxes are
> zero. There are always people who will figure out some way to cheat the
> system, especially if you make them mad enough.....The California state
> government made me mad, and I really got back at them for about ten years
> before I retired.....

Business registered in other countries are not American companies.
Companies are like people they are born their birth certificate are letters
patent in some country and the company lives under the rules of that country.

Anyone who lives in the US or earns money in the US cannot avoid the
American obligations by having obligations somewhere else. US citizens
must file tax returns no matter their country of residence or income.

Most so called tax loopholes are actually tax incentives, it is a very different

argument about whether they are good or bad.


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mikey4 <lakediver(a)> wrote:
>"SMS" <scharf.steven(a)> wrote in message
>> Ray Fischer wrote:
>>> Bill Graham <weg9(a)> wrote:
>>>> PAY. That's regressive taxation in anyone's book.
>>> As usual, graham is wrong on both counts.
>>> A "regressive" tax structure charges more for LOWER incomes.
>>> The very welathy can actually pay a LOWER tax rate because their
>>> income is not always in the form of salaries.
>> Sales tax, and the horribly misnamed "FairTax" are the most regressive
>> because lower income people spend a far greater portion of their income on
>> taxable goods than rich people.
>Then *all* taxes are regressive as the lower income group has less in their
>pocket after the taxes then the higher income group.

You're being stupid again. It's not how much you HAVE, it's how much
you PAY as a proportion of your income/wealth.

Learn to read.

Ray Fischer

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Miles Bader <miles(a)> wrote:
>rfischer(a) (Ray Fischer) writes:
>> The very welathy can actually pay a LOWER tax rate because their
>> income is not always in the form of salaries.
>Ah.. that must be why the repubs are forever trying to get rid of
>capital gains taxes...

And inheritence taxes. The very taxes that most affect the idle rich.

Ray Fischer

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mikey4 <lakediver(a)> wrote:
>"Ray Fischer" <rfischer(a)> wrote in message
>> mikey4 <lakediver(a)> wrote:
>>>"John A." <john(a)nowhere.invalid> wrote in message
>>>> On Sat, 19 Sep 2009 17:28:54 -0500, "mikey4" <lakediver(a)>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>>"Ray Fischer" <rfischer(a)> wrote in message
>>>>>> mikey4 <lakediver(a)> wrote:
>>>>>>>"Ray Fischer" <rfischer(a)> wrote in message
>>>>>>>> mikey4 <lakediver(a)> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>"Ray Fischer" <rfischer(a)> wrote in message
>>>>>>>>>> Neil Harrington <secret(a)> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>"David Ruether" <d_ruether(a)> wrote in message
>>>>>>>>>>>> "Neil Harrington" <secret(a)> wrote in message
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Much the same with the latest ACORN scandal, which stunk so
>>>>>>>>>>>>> badly
>>>>>>>>>>>>> that
>>>>>>>>>>>>> even Democrats in Congress finally voted to stop funding ACORN.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> But
>>>>>>>>>>>>> you
>>>>>>>>>>>>> never even heard about it from ABC, CBS or NBC, did you?
>>>>>>>>>>>> [Nonsense deleted...]
>>>>>>>>>>>> What was shown on tape from a *few* ACORN locations (but where
>>>>>>>>>>>> were the reportings of the ones that threw out these imposters?)
>>>>>>>>>>>What makes you think ANY of the ACORN offices did or would do any
>>>>>>>>>>>differently from the ones on tape? ACORN is rotten and corrupt to
>>>>>>>>>> If that's true then it must also be true of the Republican party
>>>>>>>>>> given
>>>>>>>>>> the number of Republicans who have been shown to be lying,
>>>>>>>>>> philandering hypocrites.
>>>>>>>>>Just like the lefttards
>>>>>>>> Never trust a man who gives online retorts with *no* substance.
>>>>>>>> mikey in <h8rvun$1hb$1(a)>
>>>>>>>> --
>>>>>>>Snip away ray
>>>>>> Run away, hypocrite.
>>>>>> It's always so easy to argue against you rightards jut by throwing
>>>>>> your own words back at you.
>>>>>> --
>>>>>ok got it, which post are you referring to? or can't you post the
>>>>>text here.
>>>> The message ID is h8rvun$1hb$1(a)
>>>> If your news reader can't get you to the article using that, try this:
>>>Thank you John for posting the link, the only part that post that is me is
>>>the header.
>> mikey tries to deny his own words.
>> Nothing but a rightard coward.
>Sorry to disappoint you once again ray. What is under that header are

mikey tries to deny his own words. Typical rightard cowardice.

Ray Fischer

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Neil Harrington <not(a)> wrote:
>"Rol_Lei Nut" <Speleo_Karstlenscap(a)> wrote in message
>> Interestingly, in all these polical threads, I don't recall a single post
>> from someone living in a country with state-regulated health
>> insurance/care complaining about it.
>> Many, including myself, posted that it works quite well and costs a
>> fraction of the U.S. system.
>Canadian doctors say their health care system is "imploding" -

Rightard dishonesty. In fact a FEW doctors are concerned because
expenses and income are mismatched.

>-- the
>president of the Canadian Medical Association says the country's health care
>system is sick and needs to be cured.

And doctors in the US say that the US health care system isn't just
sick, it is BROKEN.

>That doesn't sound as if "it works quite well."

A damn sight better than what's in the US.

Ray Fischer

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