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>>It is amazing how much dirtier the inside of a chassis can get when it sits on
>> a carpeted

| In my experience the dustiest computers are owned by families with young kids.
| Young kids aparently shed a LOT of skin, and the dusty tends to be quite
| oily.

| Oddly enough, one of the cleanest computers I saw was an 8-year old Dell 8400
| or 8300 or something in there, which was working fulltime in a metal shop.
| The owner was careful about his own health and had installed an air lock kind
| of thing (a small ante-room with a second door and intense weather stripping
| on both doors).

| The only thing odd I noticed was some red powder around the case. Very
| puzzled I asked if he'd maybe spilled some kind of chemical. He thought about
| it and then remembered that his kid had come in and was mixing powdered
| Kool-Aid and had spilled the powder over everything.

The worst are NOT home computers for families with kids. Families with pets. Especially
cats. Shedding hair is drawn into the system.

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>> When I did work as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) I supported a NJ bank.
>> They all smoked around their AST brand computers. It was amazing how
>> the colour of the plastic darkens under cigarette tar and much dust is
>> attracted and sticks to the surfaces.

| if you noticed the cases darkening, I'm sure you noticed the power and
| ide cables not looking the same anymore..? :)

For sure... For sure...

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>hmm... Well, I hope you carry good liability insurance in the event your
>sued for damaging someones equipment. God forbid you cause data loss
>doing something stupid.

I have a good errors and omissions policy. I've never had to use it.

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"David H. Lipman" <DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net> wrote:

>The worst are NOT home computers for families with kids. Families with pets.
> Especially
>cats. Shedding hair is drawn into the system.

Those must be the clients I avoid. I turn down clients I don't want to deal
with or who question my rate. I seldom deal with clients with pets of any

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> >> >>
> >> >> >Guess we'll never know for sure and each will continue to believe
> as
> >> >> >they wish!
> >> >> >Must say that what I see in my computers doesn't look much like
> skin
> >> >> >cells.
> >> >>
> >> >> It's easy enough to check, and as I said, there have been
> occasional
> >> >> calls for household dust for the making of antigens in medicine.
> >> >> Skin cells as dust are whitish grey and a bit oily to the touch.
> >> >
> >> > Most of the dust we find in computers appears to be from
> construction
> >> > being done in the areas, dirt from the bottom of shoes that gets
> >> > stirred up as people walk across a floor and then pet/people hair.
> >>
> >> And the cig smokers? That... cruddy stuff in the fins. :)
> >
> > We have a few manufacturing facilities that we support, some of those
> > make parts by cutting metal - the oil in the air plays heck with the
> > air-flow - it grabs the dust and just creates layers that can't be
> > removed by blowing it, you have to turn things off and use a safe
> > solvent to remove it...
> Yep. And don't you like how that oily goo seems to stick on everything
> near the fan? :( Capacitors and transistors I have found are really bad
> for it).

Worse yet, the case fans, since these are in areas without AC, draw it
in around the vents and then spray it all over the motherboard and
drives and such.... In most cases it's cheaper to buy another computer.

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