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Tracking File Saving using 'Save As' menu options...
I need your help in cracking a problem i am facing....... I want to track the saving of a file using 'Save As' menu option of different applications(like notepad, word, excel , acrobat) etc. I guess it requires system wide hooking of some APIis like getsavefilename etc. But then what i found is MS OFFICE utilitie... 30 Dec 2009 06:32
WM_???? 0x0091, 92, 93
Hi, what is the meaning of the Windows messages 0x0091, 92, 93? Could not find them in winuser.h. tia, Friedel ... 29 Dec 2009 02:07
Assembly code with Borland's C compiler Assembly code with Borland's C compiler Anyone have suggestions regarding the form for assembley code files used with Borland's version C compiler? The code below, assembled by masm6, doesn't satisfy the linker (Borland's). The segment names are a guess for the most pa... 27 Dec 2009 13:00
create a wave file (riff)
Hi, I was reading something about RIFF and wave format file here: "...a WAVE file is a collection of a number of different types of chunks. But, there are three chunks ... 31 Dec 2009 05:33
CreateEvent / WaveForm API
> If you use CALLBACK_EVENT then create an event with CreateEvent, pass the event handle in dwCallback, and wait for the recording to finish by calling WaitForSingleObject with the event handle. WaitForSingleObject will suspend your code until the buffer has been filled, then it will return. Ok, I can I ... 28 Dec 2009 21:47
using variables in RegCreateKeyEx raise type casts
Hi everybody, I'm newbie in C++ Registry programming. My goal is to write a key and it's values to the registry. I read the following example that was posted on MSDN : I tried to follow their instructions. The only difference is that my subKey and values are... 27 Dec 2009 13:00
InternetOpenUrl and retrieving protocol FTP data-size - Re-asking
Hello All, I recently asked the question if I could find out which protocol the the InternetOpenUrl command just did accept so I could the apropriate actions belonging to that protocol (mainly retrieving file-size upfront so I can create progress-bar). This has become even more important as the info from MS ... 24 Dec 2009 03:12
partially hidden borders of taskbar
When I use Spy++ and look at the Window Style of the taskbar (WinXP classic theme)(Shell_TrayWnd) I see that it contains WS_BORDER and WS_THICKFRAME. The taskbar is stretched so the left/right/bottom borders are drawn outside the monitor rectangle but you can't see them. What code is used to hide these borders? ... 26 Dec 2009 02:32
U++ 1824 released
Website: Download: U++ is BSD licensed C++ cross-platform rapid application development suite focused on programmers productivity without sacrificing runtime performance. What is new in version 1824: Core: * XmlRpc package adds su... 21 Dec 2009 15:49
Triggering accelerators by mistake
I have a function in my program to hide all the pop-up windows apart from the current one, and I created an accelerator for this, as described in my (very old) Petzold book, as follows: "^h", IDM_HIDE This worked fine when I pressed control-H, but there was a snag. When I pressed backspace, which... 21 Dec 2009 14:42
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