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>>Ah. It seems I've posted "nearly an hour before you." How do you
>>that everyone else sees your clock an hour in the future?
>>Currently 11:57pm Eastern Daylight Time
> I'm not sure. There is no setting on the user account at ES to adjust
> the
> time. My computer's clock is set to Pacific (US & Canada) with
> allowance made
> for DST. It adjusted correctly at the beginning of daylight time.
> Lemme see. I have a program that calls an API routine for system
> time. Let's
> see if it shows GMT correctly...
> Okay, the routine calls the GetTimeZoneInformation and GetSystemTime
> functions from the kernel32 library. The routines return an offset
> from GMT
> as 7 hours, which is correct. Normally it would be 8 hours, but we're
> on DST
> here in North America. Since Bush signed into law the advanced
> daylight time
> law several years ago, starting DST 3 weeks ahead of the way it used
> to be
> (and ending it 1 week later) it just might be that Eternal September
> is
> assuming that we're not on DST here yet. This would account for their
> server
> thinking GMT (UTC) is 8 hours ahead.

Well then, it should correct itself today then.

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>>It is possible for a trojan to drop a file named ave.exe that is for
>>practical purposes unique to that system. The filename means nothing.
>>The thing that should be detected is the dropper itself - if you don't
>>install it, you don't have to identify and remove it.
> This may be the case given that the name displayed apparently adjusts
> itself
> to the system in use. Thus for XP it's called something like "XP
> Defender"
> and for Vista it's called "Vista Defender", etc. Also, whether it's
> called
> Defender or any number of other names also seems to change.
> Regardless, I should think that Avast's heuristics should have picked
> up some
> of the telltale signs of the infection even if it didn't have the
> exact
> definition in place.

Avast! doesn't use "heuristics" (according to them). They do use them
for their e-mail scanning module though.

> I'm thiking of going back to ZoneAlarm since Windows firewall was so
> easy to
> disable.


I just heard that most auto accidents happen within 10 miles of home, so
I'll be moving to a safer neighborhood.

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David Kaye wrote:

> Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2010 06:04:14 GMT
> Injection-Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010 05:04:14 +0000 (UTC)
> I guess I'll just chalk it up to being a forward thinker.

I would like to know why "GMT" and "UTC" are an hour apart on your
posts. GMT and UTC are the same.

My posts via eternal-september show my correct time zone (as -0400 EDT)
but yours do not show your time zone. And everyone who has replied sees
your posts an hour in the future. Just yours.

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>>BTW, check your setup, your clock is wrong.

| For the 4th or 5th time, my clock is perfectly fine. It's the clock on my
| news server at Eternal September.

| Presently my clock says 8:40::03pm; that's Pacific Daylight Time.

All Usenet is based on GMT therefore your clock may be correct bu the wrong time zone.

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>> "Heather" <fergie(a)canada.invalid> wrote:

>>>OK Shaggy......I will add to this cuz I have an obsession re correct time.
>>>He has his Time Zone set wrongly.......right? As it is now Daylight
>>>Time (which he may not have checked off), it is only 4 hours different to
>>>GMT........not 5.

>> My time zone and my DST offset are NOT set wrong. I'm also a time geek
>> and
>> I'm aware that the U.S. now advances DST time 3 weeks ahead of when it
>> used to
>> start.

| Hey David.....I am not arguing with you, but if all 3 of us are using ES and
| your time is an hour ahead of the two of us........something is out of whack
| on your end. It is 12:55 am as I type this.

| Cheers......Heather


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