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American Harman Kardon HK395 speakers - use in UK?
Hi, I have been given a set of Harman Kardon HK395 speakers (2 satellite speakers with a woofer unit) with a Dell Dimension 4300S. They are from an American friend. The computer has an autosensing transformer. However, the speakers' transformer (in thw woofer) and the plug are for US voltages. So, is it possi... 27 Aug 2005 17:41
Dell Inspiron 8500 - BSOD - bcmwl5.sys driver?
System: Dell Inspiron 8500, 2.4GHz Pentium 4, 60Gb HD w/ >20Gb free Windows XP Pro, SP2 I've been getting intermittent BSOD, with the cause attributed to DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and bcmwl5.sys. Searching Google reveals that I'm not alone with this problem, and that bcmwl5.sys is a Broadcom wireless LA... 13 Aug 2005 17:07
Creating A Diagnostics Partition
I have a Dell Latitude D505 that has a 31 MB FAT diagnostics partition. It's part of the Primary partition area but separate from the C drive partition which is also on the primary partition area. I can press F12 when I start the computer to boot to the Diagnostics partition and run diagnostics tests. Very cool. I ... 11 Aug 2005 12:09
Latitude CP M233ST
Does anyone have a Owners/Operators Manual for sale or know where I can get one online? I bought dell CP M233STfrom a private seller. Of course no manual, so I'm at a loss as to how to power it on. I'm assuming the button on top of the keyboard, just left of center, is the power on/off button? I was able to ... 18 Jul 2005 09:21
Audio features on USB Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard
When I first got my new 8100 system w/ the above keyboard, the "music note icon" on the audio/sound console of the keyboard would open my iTunes program. Have NO idea why now when I press the icon, it opens SB Audigy Surround Mixer. Since the keyboard doesn't seem to come with it's own drivers (still find tha... 11 Jul 2005 03:25
Bios Password Removal
Hi, I just bought a used Dell Latitude D600 and it has a password in Bios that will not allow me to change any settings .Can anyone tell me a backdoor Password that will unlock this feature? Thank you ... 17 Jul 2005 09:21
Dell Media Experience Missing DMX.MSI
I have a Dell Dimension 8400 with Win XP sp2. Every time I try to start "Dell Media Experience" I get the message that I have to install it and wants a CD with the file DMX.MSI. If I ignore this the Dell Media Experience will launch. I have contacted Dell three times requesting this file. They have sent me 2 CD... 3 Jun 2005 20:57
delete and Change dell service tag !!!!!!
8) 8) 8Hello People... I have exactly what your all looking for a Utility that work on any dell portable including the latest d series, not tried on a desktop yet but im sure it will work on a desktop. This particular utility is brilliant can either run of a USB flash drive or a simple floppy which deletes/ chang... 14 May 2005 23:56
Updating Drivers for New System
I was on the ATI website looking for updated drivers for my 128 PCI Express x16 Radeon. Can't find it. Maybe it's under a different name than the Dell branded version? I found a driver on the Dell site that was issued 10/19/04. Will my system come with this driver? If anyone knows of any other drivers I'll ne... 4 May 2005 11:58
Service Tag
Hi, I have a Latitude C600 and have just had a new motherboard, The bios is A23 and the Service Tag is reset to FIELDxx :( Can i set it to the Service tag on my case? I have the asset program and tried asset /s xxxxxxx (my Service Tag) however it says, a:\ asset /s xxxxxxx ASSET -- Version 2.01 (C) Copy... 22 May 2005 18:51
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