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XPS 8100 - Certified refurbished vs. new
Dell has a bunch (46 as I type this) of these certified refurbished at $959. They were $849 on Sunday, but now there is a 15% off coupon which brings it down to $815.15. Free shipping on all prices. A new one with similar specs, except that it uses an nVidia GeForce GTS240 1792MB GDDR3 instead of the ATI card, runs... 23 Apr 2010 17:22
XPS9000 & RAID
Going nutz here, turning to the real deal here for advice/help. :) Have had an XPS9000 since 12/31/09, came with a 640GB HDD, 12GB memory, i7-975 Extreme Edition processor, Blu-Ray ROM/DVD burner, etc. Decided Fri, 04/09, to implement RAID as an upgrade (I have 2 identical Seagate 7200.12 HDDs for it). Problem... 14 Apr 2010 12:06
D400 Replacement
Hi Folks. Hoping you can help me - it's time to replace my trusty old Dell D400, as it's just about had it. I'm looking for advice on what to replace it with. Did Dell replace this with a newer model? I need something similarly small and portable - so far have found the Inspiron Netbook 1011. Any pointers, plea... 26 Apr 2010 14:53
Dell inspiron mouse on/off key doesn't work - help please
Inspiron 1464 Win/7 The mousepad is driving me nuts. I want to turn it off. The touchpad on/off function key does nothing. the others do what they are supposed to do. I've re-installed everything on this machine from the recovery CD and the drivers CD. I think I got everything. Thanks. -- Al Dykes N... 11 Apr 2010 05:48
Can you still buy "new" DELLs with XP...???
Can you still purchase a new PC from DELL with Windows XP as the operating system? I am just very comfortable with XP and would like it as my op system. Thanks in advance annie ... 14 Apr 2010 00:01
Dell Dimension 9200 help?
My son's Dell Dimension 9200 (with Win XP) keeps acting up. He says the screen goes blank every 5 minutes, the fan on the graphics card speeds up. The machine 'looks' like it's in a sort of power-save mode. ll he can do is reboot, only to have the same thing happen all over again. He can still hear videos btw, ... 15 Apr 2010 14:43
Dell Latitude C840 external monitor question
I connect up an external monitor and want to see the same display on both screens. NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go 64meg vid card, Dell drivers. I use the Function and F8 and select both displays. This is where I hit a snag. The monitor is designed for a maximum res. of 1280 X 1024 The C840 has a default resolution... 8 Apr 2010 23:02
Pure Sine Wave UPSes for New Dell PCs
I had to give myself a basic education on alternating current, output waveforms and active PFC power supplies just to be able to ask this question. It all started because I heard that new Dell PCs need a new kind of UPS (uninterruptible power supply.) It's a fact: To comply with regulations, Dell now includ... 16 Apr 2010 23:57
Dimension 9150 Memory Problem
Hi, My Dimension 9150 died, won't boot, and I think it is a memory problem. According to lights on front and Dell manual it has a memory problem. Two sticks of OEM memory for 1GB total. Removed 1 stick of memory and it boots but runs slow, tested with second stick in one slot and also runs slow. Both stick... 8 Apr 2010 21:55
3COM Sharkfin 8 Mbps Arris Touchstone CM300 8 Mbps Best Data CMX300 8 Mbps DLink DCM 200 8 Mbps DLink DCM 201 8 Mbps Linksys BEFCMU10 v2.0 8 Mbps Linksys BEFCMU10 8 Mbps Motorola Surfboard 4100 8 Mbps Motorola Surfboard 4101 8 Mbps Motorola Surfboard 4200 8 Mbps Motorola Surfboard 4220 8 Mbps RCA DCM 215 8 M... 7 Apr 2010 13:28
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