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My laptop won't boot up
I have a Gateway 340UA that is about three years old and has been reliable until maybe 2 or 3 months ago, when it started to fail to boot up, but intermittently. I would have to do a reset by holding the power key down for five seconds, and then try again. Sometimes it might take two or three attempts, sometimes a... 9 May 2010 11:02
low end graphics card on xps 9000
geforce 310, or radeon 5450. pretty low end cards i.m.o. why is dell doing this? is it a limitation of the power supply? motherboard? i would think that with an intel i7 that they would have at least stuck with the ati 4850. ... 8 May 2010 22:09
no diagnostic utility partition found
linda1hu;513083 Wrote: Hi, i'm gettin the same message. i can't boot from the cd and when i run the diagnostic this message comes up. plz can somebody help me? is it completely lost or there is still hope for it? Hi I seem to be getting the same error. I know this was posted a while ago but an s... 8 May 2010 11:11
Dell XPS 600 motherboard failure
Hi A friend asked me to fix her Dell XPS 600. You try to turn it on, the fans spin, and it shuts itself off after a few seconds. I have searched the web and found several posts in message boards where people have the exact same problem with this machine. Here is one of my favorites, twelfth poster in t... 9 May 2010 08:52
video cards
can someone please explain in layman terms what the difference is between the radeon 4850 and the radeon 5450? i'm not tech saavy so if you can explain in layman terms i'd appreciate it. -- Peter Lucas Brisbane Australia ... 7 May 2010 16:43
If you were buying new machine...
Hi, Just wondering what people are buying these days - currently using a Dim9200 which works fine on Win7, but want to have a quieter system. I want at least I7 processor with 8GB RAM. Good sound would be nice, not bothered if it uses onboard Intel video. Would like to get solid state storage if possible, m... 7 May 2010 06:42
Customer Number
No this is not spam or a fake. They claim they can not do anything without a customer number. The person he spoke to said with customer number they cannot help. I was on here the first part of April asking about where the best place to buy a new battery. Pacific Battery was where everybody said to go. But,... 6 May 2010 08:31
Pacific Battery
My son ordered a new battery for his Inspiron laptop last month. I checked here and all liked them. He got his credit card statement today and they had charged him for 2 different orders. He needed his customer number. He had thrown it away already. Thus they could not do anything. I just wanted to warn ... 5 May 2010 04:56
comments please
i'm thinking of going from a xps 630i to studio xps 9000 with the i7 2.66. current xps has dual core 3.1 4 gbt memory with the radeon 4850 with 512 memory and the 9000 comes with 6 gb memory and a radeon 5450 with 1 gb. being that hard drive space is not an issue, is it worth the $ to upgrade? the system is use... 4 May 2010 19:03
This is strange
Well, I've been posting about problems with my Dell Inspiron 2200. In short, after 6-7 years of no problems, it suddenly started slowing down, freezing, trouble booting, etc. It got so bad that I often had to do cold shutdowns. Anyway, I tried lots of things, to no avail. Last night, I got together with a fri... 3 May 2010 13:08
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