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Betov wrote:
> "rhyde(a)" <rhyde(a)> �crivait
> news:1188224390.741711.117370(a)
>> have you
>> forgotten about the <name stolen from ReactOS>:RosAsm symbol table
>> bug?
> Oh! No, clown, i cannot forget: This was so hillarous that
> i still laugh each time i think of it.
>> Remember how RosAsm behaved before you added the ridiculous
>> error message (without actually fixing the bug)? Remember that the
>> people lost the source code in memory?
> In Memory, clown? Wahoooo!!!... I hope they have recovered this
> memory, since then!

I hope new beginners of assembly language programming read this, and
decide to stay away from Rosasm when they perceive how un-businesslike
and how non-professional it's main author acts in a public forum.

And you won't be able to blame anyone but yourself for you failure.

From: Evenbit on
On Aug 28, 8:49 pm, "Jim Carlock" <anonym...(a)> wrote:
> "Evenbit" <nbaker2...(a)> wrote...
> : Ubuntu needs at least 256MB of system RAM. I am guessing that your
> : K-350 system doesn't meet this. Therefore, I suggest trying Xubuntu
> : instead:
> :
> :
> Well, I've already downloaded Ubuntu 6.06.1 and booted off the CD. I
> forgot about that old TEAC drive. That thing is almost as old as the external
> SyQuest hard disk (270MB parallel port) and the BackPack PDCD drives.
> I used to daisy chain them and both drives would get a drive letter through
> the parallel port. I noticed a definite difference in speed between EPP and
> the standard parallel port stuff. Not too much of a difference between ECP
> and EPP (was it called ECP?). Get to rediscover that stuff all over again. It's
> been years since I've actively used these two external drives. I know the
> Syquest works though, because I've tested that one out at times. The other
> (the BackPack PD/CD) has been sitting in a box like it's brand new (the
> original packaging) for like 7 years now. They didn't call it a laser disk for
> some reason, but called it an optical drive or a photo disk or some such.
> That was bought at the hight of the double-speed CD disk drives going up
> to 4x up to 8x. The SyQuest drive was purchased in 1995. They hard disk
> drives in that computer are 4GB hard disk drives.

I see that you are busy cleanning out the basement/attic. If you
don't find enough junk to fill-up the dumpster, maybe you could
include anything ( floppies, CDs, boxes, manuals, etc. ) which has the
Microsoft logo attached? Be sure to format the HDs. :)

> The Ubuntu Server CD just completed testing the CD successfully. Time to
> see what it says about the system.
> Thanks for the comments. I think there's only 128MB of RAM on that one.
> 72-pin SIMMs.

Ah, sounds like a perfect system to allow MS-Windows to "go stale"
on. Now, you seem to be all set to install Ubuntu 6.06 on your newer
box ( the one you use every day ). If an "unmentionable" OS already
exists there, just bomb it. :)


P.S. - [if my subliminal powers are still working] Now, go build an
Ark 200 cubits by 400 cubits. Gather all the animals two by two...

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Betov wrote:
> "rhyde(a)" <rhyde(a)> �crivait
> news:1188312548.701680.253510(a)
>> Yes, LISA was a failure
> Shut up, clown: You are pathetic.

Does thinking about being such a failure disturb you? Or is it your
inability to be successful the thing that upsets you?

If you want to be a success, you have to start doing *something*. In
other words, stop doing *nothing*.

What is "pathetic" is that you will not take that step towards being a
success. No one will do it for you. And you will have no one to blame
but yourself for not taking that step.

It's really that simple, no matter how much you try and portray it as
something different.

In the end, you will be your own worst enemy.

From: Evenbit on
On Aug 28, 12:16 pm, JDavison <j...(a)> wrote:
> Everyone knows you are guilty of stealing the name for your relatively
> user-less (i.e. "useless") product. You're not fooling anyone, clown.

You are wrong on that note. Nobody stays around when a child is
crying about how another kid stole his favorite toy.

So, if you are confident in your claims to the "RosAsm" trademark, why
don't you take Rene to court? You would get the chance to prove to a
jury how Rene's distribution of RosAsm somehow delutes your income
from a product carrying the same name.


From: Frank Kotler on
santosh wrote:

>Makes it a totally unacceptable distro, in my book. Cancel my order for
>>a Dell with Ubuntu. (I still like the idea of encouraging vendors to
>>preinstall Linux... Y'know, I'm in danger of becoming a Slackware bigot!
>>Not Ubuntu, in any case)
> Aren't you reacting a bit too strongly?

Well, I don't know.

> Surely a Linux distribution aimed
> at "Joe Windows User", does a good thing by disabling the root account by
> default?

Who's machine is it? If Joe doesn't get root priviliges, who does? Some
'bot that Ubuntu installed? Autoexec.bat has root privileges but Joe
doesn't??? Would Windows fly if it didn't allow you administrator
access? True, Joe can easily shoot himself in the foot as root - but
it's *his* foot!

> Advanced Linux users can always re-enable it, like I did, the
> first thing after installation.

Well, yes, I assume that "George Guru" can figure a way past it. I'm
still pretty suspicious of any distro that doesn't give root to the
owner of the machine!