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On Aug 28, 8:22 pm, Evenbit <nbaker2...(a)> wrote:
> On Aug 28, 12:16 pm, JDavison <j...(a)> wrote:
> > Everyone knows you are guilty of stealing the name for your relatively
> > user-less (i.e. "useless") product. You're not fooling anyone, clown.
> You are wrong on that note. Nobody stays around when a child is
> crying about how another kid stole his favorite toy.
> So, if you are confident in your claims to the "RosAsm" trademark, why
> don't you take Rene to court? You would get the chance to prove to a
> jury how Rene's distribution of RosAsm somehow delutes your income
> from a product carrying the same name.

Joel doesn't own the name. So he couldn't take Rene to court.
OTOH, the ReactOS team *has* asked Rene to stop using their project's
name in his product name. The ethical thing for Rene to do would be to
switch to a different name.

Maybe this Linux thing of Rene's is a sea change. Perhaps we'll start
hearing about a "Wine-Asm" before too much longer. :-)
Randy Hyde

From: rhyde on
On Aug 29, 7:10 pm, Evenbit <nbaker2...(a)> wrote:
> You are the one making the accusations -- not me.

Actually, it is the ReactOS team making the accusations.

> If Rene didn't
> "steal" the name from *you*, then *who*, *where*, *what*, and *when*
> did it come from? '

who: The ReactOS team
where: here, as well as on the ReactOS board.
what: that Rene has misappropriated their project name as a mechanism
to suck some of their "glory" for his own self.
when: for the past couple of years.

>Who is being hurt?

Rene has caused *considerable* grief to the ReactOS project.

> Where is the crime?

None at all, really. Just a matter of inethical behavior and hypocrasy
on Rene's part. Why keep bringing it up? Because Rene is the guy who
goes around claiming I "stole" FASM (with Tomasz' permission, I might
add), all the while refusing to change the name he stole from ReactOS.
If Rene is going to bring up this mythical "theft" of FASM, it's only
fair to point out the *actual* misappropriation of the ReactOS name
that he has made.

> Why should
> this story be of interest to any of a.l.a. readers?

Why are you not all over Rene for the "theft of FASM issue?"

> Do you have any
> of these answers?

I don't know if Joel does, but I certainly have an answer for you --
as long as Rene stirs up the FUD about the "theft of FASM", some of us
around here are going to reply by pointing out the theft of the
ReactOS product name. If you want the subject discontinued, try
directing your ire at Rene sometime.
Randy Hyde

From: Charles Crayne on
On Wed, 29 Aug 2007 19:14:52 -0400
"Jim Carlock" <anonymous(a)> wrote:

> Who uses what around here? Anyone else interested in a topic about
> who uses what (Linux OS specifically)?

Having the freedom of being a hobbyist developer, I also tend to be an
early adopter, and therefore stay on the leading edge of Fedora, which
is currently version 7. My wife, who once upon a time tried programming,
and didn't like it, also runs Fedora, but doesn't upgrade to a new
release until I have broken it in, so she is still running version 6,
and my server machine, which needs to be very stable, is still chugging
along on version 5. [I did have to reboot it about 49 days ago, for some
reason which I have since forgotten, but with a little luck, it will be
many months before such a drastic step is required again.]

Currently, I am revisiting the past, by playing with full
virtualization, which has taken only forty years to make its way from
VM/CMS on the mainframe. I dusted off an old 740k DOS 5.0 boot
diskette, and installed it in a kvm virtual machine. The only problem I
have at the moment is that the current version of the virtual machine
manager does not support swapping virtual diskettes on the fly.

-- Chuck
From: Evenbit on
On Aug 30, 12:31 am, "Jim Carlock" <anonym...(a)> wrote:
> So I thought I would try configuring things the way I didn't know how
> to configure things.

Well, that is "stepping outside the box" for sure!

> > : Let's try not to wake Granny with our Morrison tunes
> > "Alabama Song"?
> : Some things are self-destructive.
> "The Unknown Soldier"
> "The End"
> : "Riders on the Storm" and its sequal.
> He had some ... wow ... it made it past 83% and started over at 1%.
> They had some pretty grim songs. Didn't he used to talk to a big Indian
> in his dreams (or was it drugs)? The drugs took over everything and he
> lost control. That song, "The End", pretty much summarizes what went
> on inside his head.

Well, that song strongly speaks of the old Oedipus story.

And this...

....coincides with your observations below.

> If you look at it that way, it could even summarize
> what goes on inside alot of our heads, you know, the twisted turning
> paths that we might walk along in our lives... Some folks don't get out of
> that which perhaps is what happened to Mister Morrison, and the drugs
> ended up as his way out. His father being a big Navy guy, and Jim's dis-
> like of the VietNam war... There's a lot there and some of his songs seem
> to identify the turmoil of the Viet Nam war and the conflict(?) between him
> and his father. It's almost like he resented the fact that his father was in the
> armed services fighting for the country.

I had always just assumed he was using architypes and stories which
helped him speak to the counterculture crowd that constituted his fan
base. You know... please the fans = make money. But you *do* have
an interesting point there.

> Jim Morrison attended Saint Petersburg Junior College. Not that it makes
> a difference one way or another, but since you've brought up Jim Morrison.
> I live a couple miles from that college.

Yes, I remember you touching on this before. I also remember noticing
the types of classes that Morrison got his "good" grades in -- the
humanities: stuff like History, Literature, Shakespeare, Sociology,
etc. He had a REALLY good background in understanding both 'people'
and 'stories'. I have often heard the claim that it was the *drugs*
that made his work good. I beg to differ with that claim somewhat. I
believe his songs would have been 'flat' and 'empty' without his
having that solid humanities background. I will admit that the drugs
may have lowered his barriers and allowed his brain to naturally
'organize' the lyrics, but my claim is that the drugs *did not*
inspire _all_ of that content into existence from nothing [especially
given the number of classical stories and other literary references
peppered throughout those songs].

> XUBUNTU installed... :-)

Cool beans!!


From: Betov on
"sevag.krikorian" <sevag.krikorian(a)> �crivait

> RadAsm and HIDE have you beat hands
> down.

You probably mean *RadAsm*, because, as far as i can know,
you have written HIDE the very same way your master wrote
an Assembler, didn't you, minion?


Now, is RadAsm better, as an interface than RosAsm's one (?).
This is a question which does not interrest me a lot, but i
took a look at RadAsm Sources Editor (long ago), and it did
not compete: It was just a Text Editor. I also took (same date)
a look at the Resources Editor, and it could not compete either.

I wish the Anti-GPL gang-band to have improved their stuffs,
since then.



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