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> I'm sure that if Rene changed it to the "Rene's Open Source
> ASseMbler", the issue would be completely gone

I am completely sure that if you could change the name of
your toy to "PHLL" (Poor HLL -not "Powerful HLL"-), all of
your isssues, when facing Assembly programmers, would be


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P� Thu, 30 Aug 2007 17:10:07 +0100, skrev Betov <betov(a)>:

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>> hmm...
>> Now I am really worried.
>> it does run here, without the debugger....???
>> that means CLI is allowed... does that mean what I think it means?
>> What does that mean?
>> If CLI is priveledged?... why it does not crash outside the debugger?
> Oh!!! Yes. You make me recalling of this. Sorry, this is old...
> Yes, this Demo can *not* work in Debugger mode, as this is for
> Applications (in user mode). The reason why it refuses the CLI.
> And yes, it work stand alone. Now, this is the very same problem
> as with Drivers: You cannot debug Drivers with RosAsm's Debugger.
> I think R�mi found a trick for Drivers developments, but you'd
> better ask him, as i did not followed up with what he was doing,
> and i have no idea how his method could serve in this case. I
> suppose that what he did was for Drivers only.
> I don't know if a free external Debugger could do. I suppose not,
> but it might be worthy to give OllyDb a try.

Ok thanks. I ask him when I am ready. This is not a priority to me, I just
like to see it work and call on when / if needed.

> Betov.
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P� Thu, 30 Aug 2007 17:11:24 +0100, skrev rhyde(a)
"misery loves company!!"
> And here we are :-)
> hLater,
> Randy Hyde



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On Aug 30, 9:24 am, Betov <be...(a)> wrote:
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> >> Now, is RadAsm better, as an interface than RosAsm's one (?).
> > In most people's minds, absolutely yes.
> :))
> This is 100% evident, clown.

It's pretty obvious that the vast majority of people find RadAsm's UI
better than RosAsm's. That should provide you with a small clue: it
*is* better than RosAsm's.

> Why do you think such guys
> work? Yes, clown, for the very same reason as yourself.

Not sure what this has to do with the subject at hand, but I suspect
most of them work for the same reason I do: to earn a living.

Of course, many of them actually work in the software development
industry. As a result, they're exposed to a lot of different software
development tools. And this experience is what has led them to believe
that RadAsm's user interface is much better than RosAsm's. They've
seen a lot of good (and bad) tools, and they tend to pick the better
Randy Hyde

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On Aug 30, 5:26 am, "Wolfgang Kern" <nowh...(a)> wrote:
> Don't waste you time Are, these simple minded folks can't associate
> a picture of a rose with the name of a tool and just repeat all the
> ill constructed BS after their master.

People see what they *want* to see. You can't rally the "soldiers" to
combat until you paint "targets" upon the enemy.

I am beginning to suspect that Randy *strategically* chose the name
"High Level Assembly" because it encourages people to engage him in
the obvious debates. Had he called it "Hardly Like Assembly", we
would hardly be aware of HLA's existence.