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//\\\\o//\\\\annabee <w(a)w.w.w> �crivait

> hmm...
> Now I am really worried.
> it does run here, without the debugger....???
> that means CLI is allowed... does that mean what I think it means?
> What does that mean?
> If CLI is priveledged?... why it does not crash outside the debugger?

Oh!!! Yes. You make me recalling of this. Sorry, this is old...

Yes, this Demo can *not* work in Debugger mode, as this is for
Applications (in user mode). The reason why it refuses the CLI.

And yes, it work stand alone. Now, this is the very same problem
as with Drivers: You cannot debug Drivers with RosAsm's Debugger.
I think R�mi found a trick for Drivers developments, but you'd
better ask him, as i did not followed up with what he was doing,
and i have no idea how his method could serve in this case. I
suppose that what he did was for Drivers only.

I don't know if a free external Debugger could do. I suppose not,
but it might be worthy to give OllyDb a try.


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On Aug 30, 1:12 am, Evenbit <nbaker2...(a)> wrote:
> On Aug 30, 12:44 am, "rh...(a)" <rh...(a)> wrote:
> > Joel doesn't own the name. So he couldn't take Rene to court.
> > OTOH, the ReactOS team *has* asked Rene to stop using their project's
> > name in his product name. The ethical thing for Rene to do would be to
> > switch to a different name.
> Well that is extremely easy to comply with:
> RosAsm = Rene's Open Source Assembler

If it were advertised as such, no problem whatsoever at all.
The problem is, it's called "RosAsm: The ReactOS Assembler".
Check out the web page.

Now I'm sure that if Rene changed it to the "Rene's Open Source
ASseMbler", the issue would be completely gone.

> If you've payed attention to the "About" and "FAQ" pages on websites,
> you'd know that acronyms change their meaning quite a bit in this
> business. I'd estimate maybe 2 or 3 dozen projects have done so in
> the span of the last fifteen years.

Visit Rene's Web page.
It says ReactOS.
When it changes, the issue goes away.

> Well he *does* whine a good deal about your work. But that goes back
> to my original point to Joel -- when a child won't stop crying, people
> tend to leave the room. So I do not believe that NG readers are
> really paying attention to what Rene says. The only ones that do are
> those who are looking for an argument... or they are fellow whiners
> themselves -- "misery loves company!!"

And here we are :-)
Randy Hyde

From: Betov on
"rhyde(a)" <rhyde(a)> �crivait

> Then,
> OTOH, maybe your recent experiments with Linux demonstrate that, after
> 10 years, you finally *can* realize you've hitch your horse to the
> wrong wagon.

Something that you, for sure, will never experience, clown,
as we can keep sure that no bet on ethic could be found
inside your bag.


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From: rhyde on
On Aug 30, 2:39 am, //\\\\o//\\\\annabee <w...(a)w.w.w> wrote:

> Now.. about the name. Spasm was the only real name RosAsm should have ever
> had.

Wow, we actually agree on something.

> This is a beautilful name, whereas RosAsm is only beautiful after you
> see the logo.

Maybe when it's changed to "Wine-Asm" we'll see a glass of Chardonnay,

> Spasm is such a beautiful name because programming in RosAsm _is_ a bit
> like a spasm. Could even consider a name derived from some acronym of
> Speed, between some acronym of Drug or addiction. Because that what using
> RosAsm turns out to be. Its a drug that the more you take it the more you
> want.

Yes, RosAsm users often act like they are on drugs. Your analysis
seems correct :-)

> Seriously here: One of the most important properties of the
> monosource and the rightclick functionality is that once you get going,
> there is no stopping you.

You mean, other than the ability to link in library code to make
yourself more productive?

> RosAsm never interfer with your thought-->action
> processes.

Unless, of course, you have to stop to write your own "whatever it
does" function that is found in other assembly libraries. Whoops! An

> You can be at every part of the source in "clicktime", which
> makes modifications, even its been months to a year since you touched the
> source, a incredible painless, most time dramtic supricingly easyfelt
> experience.

You seem to believe this is unique to RosAsm? Try using Visual Studio

> I just had this experience. I have not been writing anything
> much since about january, and when I came back to my source, it took just
> a few hours to rewrite some large part of one of my demos.

Which begs the question: why did you have to rewrite it in the first
place if using RosAsm makes you so productive? Seems to me that if the
RosAsm method were so productive, you'd have gotten in right the first
time around.

> Despite all my stupid posts answering to nobodies like Randall Hyde and
> minions, I have a serious issue with asm programming. I really do want to
> see it flourish.

And as long as you call people names around here, you're going to
continue to scare people away from assembly language and *you* will
stand in the way of your stated goal.

> This would make all of our lifes much easier and more
> exiting.

Yes, people are exiting the assembly scene every day because of
you :-)

> Of course, in the grand view of things, programming isnt all that
> important, but in my life, it is the most important thing, for which all
> else have had to step aside.

Dude, get a life!

> Even I can be flippant, I usually never lie.

You're like the proverbial politician ("you can tell he's lying, his
lips are moving!")
Perhaps you save up all your lying for posts you make to this

> And if I do so, I do it so it is obvious, and ment as a joke.

Yes, most of your posts around here are a joke.

> What I am
> saying here,now, is not a joke. There are no tool in the universe that can
> come close to the potential of a tool like RosAsm. No HLL, no assembler.
> Anywhere.

Yes, that is a joke. We're laughing our heads off.
When RosAsm supports static linking, so you can enjoy the productivity
benefits of using static libraries, come back and talk to us about

In one respect, I must admit that this (carefully worded, intentional
or otherwise) statement is not a lie. RosAsm *does* have potential. It
*could* have lots of features added to it so that it could compete
with the "big boys". Alas, for the past ten years that potential has
been unrealized.

> If you dont belive me. Thats just sad.

No, we don't believe you.
Yes, it's sad you keep blathering on with this nonsense about the
productivity of RosAsm. If it were truly so great, why aren't more
people using it?

> You should at least give it a
> _real_ try.

It doesn't even have the most basic features (like static linking)
that most people need. That feature alone is a non-starter for almost
everyone. When they find out it doesn't support static linking, they
move on to a different product. If you really want people to give
RosAsm a "real" try, you need to convince your fearless leader to add
the appropriate feature set to the assembler so people *will* consider
giving it a try.

> That is, if you aim is to develop some application. RosAsm
> isnt yet the propper tool for doing nothing.

RosAsm isn't the proper tool, period.

Randy Hyde

From: Betov on
"rhyde(a)" <rhyde(a)> �crivait

>> Now, is RadAsm better, as an interface than RosAsm's one (?).
> In most people's minds, absolutely yes.


This is 100% evident, clown. Why do you think such guys
work? Yes, clown, for the very same reason as yourself.



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