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Rebuild In.mbx
Running Eudora with Win7 32-bit Home Premium...... Has worked well for 5-6 months.... When my wife started Eudora this morning, her In.mbx got screwed up..... Basically, all her old messages in her inbox are gone.... If I look at her files, there is a in.mbx.001 and a in.toc.001.... I thought I'... 17 Jun 2010 21:11
Backing up my Inbox
I'm using Eudora I would like to back up my inbox every 2 months leaving the last month active and deleting the backed up postings. Is it possible to do this and if so, can it be done automatically? ... 19 Jun 2010 18:54
I will receive an email that is formatted in a two or three column format like "New York Today" from the NY Times. When I try to forward it, the forwarded message appears as one long column. I would like to retain the original format. I have Version Mode. Can anyone tell me how to do that?... 16 Jun 2010 00:11
Quick FILTER question
I see that there's a MAKE PERSONALITY action available in the filter setup. Is there an easy way to use that action in a REPLY message based on the "To:" field of the message being replied to? Basically I'd like to use different personalities in my REPLYs based on who the message was originally sent to. Any he... 11 Jun 2010 18:07
How Do I Configute Eudora to Use the Verizon SMTP Server?
I have really tried just about anything I could find on the Internet to make my Eudora send a message through the Verizon SMTP server. There was nothing wrong with my SMTP server from SEND just stopped working two days ago after 6 months of operation with Verizon FIOS. The HostGator people told me th... 14 Jun 2010 01:55
eudora is unable to update the system registry
recently for some reason i get a message that begins "eudora was unable to update the system registry" when i start it. i have using windows 7 right clicked properties and gone to advanced and have clicked the box saying "run as administrator" but this has not helped. any ideas how to get rid of this message? tia... 12 Jun 2010 02:52
Attachment viewer usurped
Somehow MS Windows Picture and Fax Viewer has taken over from my usual jpg attachment viewer. Can't find anything in Eudora.ini to change it back. Where do I look? JJ ... 8 Jun 2010 22:47
Trouble getting Eudora 6.2 to use corrected address for nickname
I have tried deleting the .toc file and the name for the person in the Eudora folder but that didn't help. I added a new address to the nickname but when I enter the nick, it still comes up with the 2 older variants of the old addresses. I also looked in the NNDBASE.NNT file and I see the new address for this pe... 10 Jun 2010 20:09
Is there a way to do this with a filter ??
Is there a way to do this with a filter ?? If the To: or CC: field contain a specific address, then Reply All replies to all recipients, but adds an additional address in the CC: field? ...Jim Thompson -- | James E.Thompson, CTO | mens ... 31 May 2010 13:03
WSJ HTML Stopped Working
Ernie wrote: I've used Eudora for 20 years and have found it more than meets my needs.... I subscribe to several email updates each day from the Wall Street Journal in HTML format.... They have worked well for a long time... A couple days ago, I started getting only a couple lines of the HTML, proba... 18 May 2010 18:07
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