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No Reserve Board Sales
As it proved popular last time we are again listing boards with minor faults for sale on ebay. No reserve we just want to clear some space before we move offices. First board listed is a Darnaw1 - XC3S1200E verson. John Adair Enterpoint Ltd. ... 9 Dec 2009 13:15
FPGA kit
Hi all, I want to buy a XILINX FPGA Kit and an ALTERA CPLD kit. would you please suggest some kits. On internet the displayed price $189 includes kit accessories(Cables, cds...) or i have to buy them separately. Also which accessories are required? Thanx ... 9 Dec 2009 05:32
Cheapest way to get a chipscope compatible cable?
Hi, It seems like Chipscope only supports the original Xilinx other JTAG cable would work. Anyone knows if there is a way to obtain one for less than the very high 250$ they ask for? Thanks, Diego --------------------------------------- This message was sent using the comp.arch.fpga w... 14 Dec 2009 07:41
Possible memory leak in xst in ISE 11.3
Hi everyone, I updated to ISE 11.3 recently and I noticed that memory consumption for xst.exe during synthesis is really high (more than 2.5 gigs for me). I use vista professional 64-bit. Memory usage is so high that I can't use any other application (I have 3 gigs in all). Plus synthesis seems slower, so is it ... 9 Dec 2009 09:53
Problems reading from PHY registers using plb_temac and hard_temac, using Xilinx EDK 9.1i
I am having problems reading from the Ethernet PHY chip on both my custom board and on the Xilinx ml403 board, both of which use the same part (Marvell 88E1111) and design. Background: For our custom board, the Ethernet PHY chip incorrectly detects and enables its crossover feature approximately 50% of the time.... 10 Dec 2009 05:43
F.S. Xilinx FPGA evaluation kit
Hi, I have an ML403, Vitex 4 development kit left over from a project. I have no need for it but I would like to recoup some of the cost. It comes with the board, which works properly, power supply and some spare JTAG cables. Email for a picture if you'd like. I'm "asking" $150. Thanks for looking mike... 8 Dec 2009 10:47
dual core microblaze
hello everybody; Please is there anyone who know how to make 2 cores of processors on the MicroBlaze using the XPS Mutex core?? Please, if anyone have information, give it me because I'm stuck!!!!! INES --------------------------------------- This message was sent using the comp.arch.fpga web inter... 8 Dec 2009 13:01
TCP/IP offload in hardware
Anyone have TCP/IP offload (TOE) core in FPGA or design experience? plz mail: arcdoos(a) ... 18 Dec 2009 00:45
spartan 3 and multiprocessor
Dear all I'm a new member of this board so a big hello to everybody I am using spartan 3 Starter Board, and I want to know if it supports multiprocessor architecture or not? anyone can help me Please! thank you in advance. INES ... 7 Dec 2009 10:39
very wide counter (42-bit)
hello there for a measuring utility (running @ 100MHZ) I need a counter of 42-bit width whose value is used by several sub blocks of my design. As a first, somehow dirty solution I have implemented this like follows. Since this approach needs quite a huge amount of FFs and leads to long delaytimes (bit 0 to 42) ... 15 Dec 2009 11:07
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